Kingdom Hearts χ Gameplay Video


Disney’s official Japanese Youtube channel shared with us a cute little surprise:  Some new gameplay footage from the free online browser game Kingdom Hearts χ [chi].

Source(s): Disney Japan Youtube Channel

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  1. Grant Hoffman Says:

    So its pretty much like Chain of Memories but even more crappy…. I didnt like Chain of Memories in the first place but I went ahead and beat it on both GBA and PS2 (remastered version). I am a HUGE KH fane….but….why Square…why Disney?

  2. Alex Says:

    I feel like sometimes I’m the only one excited for this. I mean, it has some things we havn’t seen in previous KH games like the cat with the pacifier necklace thing or the guy wearing the unicorn hat thing? Unless I missed something . . . ?

  3. Shitstain Says:

    Oh, God… please no.

  4. kingdomheartsFTW Says:

    im surprised ur all down bout this. its not like its delaying kh3 or anything. it seems interesting enough,and maybe once i show it to people,i can get them into series.i know ill be playing this!

  5. Leeshoron Says:

    I honestly am looking forward to this. Sure it’s all a browser based game but you know it’s new original content. Best of all you have complete control over your character! Sure it’s KH mobile graphics but I’m fine with that. It’s free and new, if people don’t want to they can ignore it.

  6. anthony Says:

    ummm im actually stoked for this…

  7. JakHydro Says:

    I’m actually playing the japanese beta and am enjoying it a lot it is fun! (even though i don’t understand what is going on most of the time) Busting up heartless will always be a fun to do

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