Poll Results: These are what you hear about KH…and it ticks you off

Why Hasn’t (Some Final Fantasy) Character Shown His/Her Face Yet?

“This Final Fantasy character (think of a character most people talk about) should or should not have made an appearance.” (16%, 76 Votes to date)

For all that we may wish, Kingdom Hearts is a Disney game first, and its Final Fantasy connection comes second. The general idea was that Sora and co. would visit various Disney worlds and interact with Disney characters from said worlds, all the while behaving similarly to a Final Fantasy-RPG style of gameplay/storytelling (the exception are worlds such as Traverse Town and Hollow Bastion). Final Fantasy characters are guests featured in this game, and acquaint us with characters a separate audience is familiar with. So for the most part, Final Fantasy characters are selected based on how they will impact the overall light vs. dark theme throughout the games. For instance, the addition of Cloud and Sephiroth compliment very well with the game. Whereas characters like the fairy versions of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine only nudged the story ever so slightly, if at all. Zack, on the other hand, made a fair appearance in Birth by Sleep, seeing Terra as the hero Zack wanted to become (much like Zack wanting to be like Genesis or Sephiroth in Crisis Core: FFVII). So even if your favourite Final Fantasy character is or isn’t in the game, so far, the fans seems to have no say in it. On a personal note, I’d love to see Cecil from FFIV in a major KH title, just because he is the perfect balance of light and dark, and I feel that Sora and co. could learn a lot from him.

Hard to believe, but, yes, some people don't like Sora.

The Ever Unchanging Sora

“I don’t like Sora very much…” (18%, 85 Votes to date)

Sora’s the main character of this series, no questions about it. Sure we get a different take in 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep, but at the end of the day, Sora’s our main hero. But not everyone likes him. Why? It could be that he’s the main character. Believe it or not, there are a good amount of people who dislike the main character. It could be that he’s too happy, and doesn’t really get angry. I mean, how many people do you know who are actually like that? I feel a solid main character is someone who has to go through some sort of extreme change, be it mental, physical, or emotional. I think it’s fair to say that a bit of all three should happen. But even if that is the case, it’s not like Sora to get overly emotional (with the exception of finding Riku in KH2) or think things over before beating them with the Keyblade (with the brief exception of his discovery that his defeating Heartless in KH2 only helps Xemnas create Kingdom Hearts). In those regards, Sora’s a fairly simple, straightforward character. Can we not just be happy with that?

Worlds, worlds, worlds. Nobody can ever seem to agree on them.

More Worlds Into the Fray!

“This world should/should not be in the game.” (23%, 111 Votes to date)

Going back to the previous answer about the Final Fantasy characters, it’s more or less the same concept with the world appearances. Various Disney worlds are taken into consideration, and a lucky few get selected to be part of the game (Pride Lands, Land of Dragons), and an even luckier number get to be in multiple games (Traverse Town, Olympus Coliseum). But not all worlds are enjoyed. In this regard, I’m almost inclined to challenge anyone to legitimately say they enjoyed the Atlantica world in KH2. Personally, I didn’t; I thought it was a waste of time. In KH1, Atlantica made sense, especially when King Triton revealed that he knew about the Keyblade’s power. However, in KH2, it was more like a mini-game world that gave us a little breathing room from fighting the Heartless.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people always want to see their favourite Disney movie involved in this expansive game. There’s always talk about introducing worlds originating from other Disney movies (Treasure Planet, The Emperor’s New Groove, Atlantis), and some of them make a legitimate amount of sense. For instance, TRON: Legacy could enter the fray. It already has an established world of Space Paranoids (originating from TRON). It’s one of the few worlds that could make an interesting return in the form of a sequel. Another example of a plausible sequel is Port Royal, where they could introduce Davy Jones from the second Pirates movie. But like I said with the Final Fantasy characters, it’s not up to us, no matter how much we think it could work. But the possibilities are fascinating to dream of.

Character Depth Counted on One Hand

“There’s not enough character depth.” (25%, 109 Votes to date)
As the poll shows, there are a good number of people who say and believe this. At first glance, they seem completely wrong. While combating the darkness inside him, Riku makes the transition from being used by it, to controlling it. Sure it spans over two games (KH1 and KH:CoM), but it’s shown very clearly how he progresses. The same is demonstrated by Terra in BBS, only he falls completely to the power of darkness. But the issue isn’t really concerning the characters that grow; it’s the claim that there aren’t enough characters growing. For example, how much does anyone know about the Org.XIII member, Lexaeus? Other than that he uses a lot of darkness when combating Riku, I think there’s very little to tell.

With 13 members, there was bound to be a couple who weren't very important in the scheme of things.

In reality, not all the Org.XIII members contribute much to the story. For the most part, they’re just obstacles that need to be defeated by Sora or Riku. The game is about (for the most part) Sora, Riku, and Kairi. They’ve all grown in their own way. Sora, who received the Keyblade first, battles through strife to find Kairi. Riku struggles with the darkness and in turn, overcomes it, dealing with much inner turmoil in the process. Kairi, who was seemingly an islander, is revealed to be a Princess of Heart, and later gains the ability to wield a Keyblade too. But for other characters that people love, such as most of the Organization, most of them portray one major emotion or motive, and it’s hard to discover much else about them. Sure, we can speculate thanks to 358/2 Days. But for those who idolize Org.XIII, I agree with them in saying that their character backgrounds could have been explored a little bit more. Generically, I learned that Luxord makes a lot of card-related remarks, and Xaldin wants the Beast to get angry. But that’s not a lot to go on. If the fans had their say, we’d know Xemnas’ favourite bedtime story.

Play Out of Sequence, and Kingdom Hearts Could Mangle Your Brain

“It’s too confusing!” or “I can’t follow what’s going on at all!” or “How can anyone expect a player to understand the crazy plot?” (55%, 260 Votes to date)
I will admit, for everyone, that at first glance, Kingdom Hearts CAN have a confusing plotline, especially to those who’ve played games that are spaced apart (ie. Playing KH1, and then jumping to Coded). But that can’t be helped. We can ALL play all the KH games in existence and in sequence. The biggest reason that we don’t is because not everyone wants to spend $100+ on a new system just for one game. But, there are many ways to clear the fog around whatever confusion exists within this series. For instance, because the game is fairly story-driven, paying attention helps a lot when trying to understand this series. Reading up on the KH wikia page helps, or even (though I frown upon it) watching the cutscenes online. But for those who’ve played all the games and are still confused, then, I think that a second or third playthough could shed some more light on the clouded view of this story. I will admit, during my first playthough for any of the games, I felt that the game’s story threw a few curveballs at me. The first being that Ansem Seeker of Darkness in KH1 wasn’t really Ansem. Followed by the relation of Sora and Roxas, continuing with more events such as Xion’s relation to Sora, Ven’s relation to Roxas, Vanitas’ shocking identity, and the connection of Terra to Xehanort under Ansem the Wise’s tutelage. But I took the information, mentally processed it, and came to understand it completely. In essence, there’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s certainly not impossible.

I’m not done, there’s more!

There have been a few comments saying that I forgot a few “complaints” about our beloved game. Truth be told, if I added them initially, I feel we wouldn’t have gotten the results for this poll, because these other complaints would get all the votes. But the fans have spoken, so I shall give them some spotlight too.

Perhaps the most annoying insult of all is that KH is too kiddy. Come up with something new already.

“This is a kid’s game!”

How many times have we heard this one? Honestly, I’ve only heard it maybe once or twice. But I do realize it does get said. First, to be fair, most Disney movies are aimed at a younger audience, so this comment is nearly unavoidable. But this comment comes from the people who most likely judge a book by its cover. And on almost any given KH title, there are more Disney characters on the box art than original KH characters. So, it’s showcasing Disney just by visuals alone.

But what about the people who get past the box art? That means they want to watch a trailer to better understand what they may be getting themselves into. Well, in this series, there are fewer original characters shown in the trailers and more Disney characters make appearances. In a fair amount of trailers for KH and KH2, a lot of Disney worlds and their world characters are showcased, while a very tiny amount of original worlds and characters are introduced. Kingdom Hearts is more known for its Disney characters, despite having a fair range of Final Fantasy and/or original characters. There’s more to Kingdom Hearts than just Donald and Goofy hanging around a spiky-haired teenager with a giant key.

“Where’s KH3? I’m tired of spin-offs!”

Fans are so impatient for KH3 that they overlook jewels like Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days.

This is probably the most heard complaint amongst them all, and suffices to say, there are even die-hard fans that say this from time to time. The thing is, all the KH games to date are part of a singular story (or saga as Nomura stated a while back), one named “The Xehanort Saga”. All the games to date are providing both small and large parts of this story, contributing in various ways, leading up to a finale’ in The Xehanort Saga. I’m not going to lie, but I’m dying for “KH3” to come out, but at the same time, I’m pretty sated with the KH games that come out in between. For instance, the next game Dream Drop Distance is providing a part of the story where, for the most part, we assume that Sora and Riku are proving that they can be bestowed with the Mark of Mastery. It may, at first glance, seem like a small portion of the story, but I’m excited to see whether or not they can ever do it. I have no doubt that they can, but there’s so much in that test alone that could add more to this ever-growing tale. Not to mention, there’s about 9 or so years missing from BBS and KH1, which may be explained with the mention of BBS Vol.2. In that alone, there’s a lot that could’ve happened. Xehanort could’ve regained memories and start tampering with the darkness, Lea and Isa may have a backstory as to how they became Nobodies.

Though they may not be intended for a major home gaming console, I don’t think the “spin-offs” are just “spin-offs”– they add and reveal more to the story, making each game important to the overall plot. In Chain of Memories, we learned about the Organization and the power of Sora’s memories. In 358/2 Days, we explored the daily lives of Roxas, Axel, and Xion. In Birth by Sleep, we learned the origin of Master Xehanort, the creation of the X-Blade, and the sorrow-filled fate of Aqua, and finally, in Coded, we said “Thank you” to Namine, and discovered that was written on the letter to Sora at the end of KH2. Call them “spin-offs” if you want, but they’re more than that; they add more dimension to this universe.

Imperfection is the Spice of Life

Long story short, people will always say things about Kingdom Hearts. Sure it’ll bother us now and then, but that just goes to show who’s played the games, and who hasn’t. I don’t mean to sound condescending to anyone for saying what they say. Just give it a chance is all. It’s just a simple statement. For all KH is worth, I appreciate the game, the story, the characters, everything. There are things that annoy me, of course. For sure, KH isn’t a perfect game, but if you think the way I do, it is imperfection that tugs our heartstrings in some manner or form, be it positive or negative. KH is a series that I’ll never put down, despite not having Cecil Harvey or Treasure Planet. I love it for what it is: a spiky-haired teenager rocking a key-shaped sword, saving the world.

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29 Responses to “Poll Results: These are what you hear about KH…and it ticks you off”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow a lot of people voted for the complex story and not enough character depth o.O Neither have any effect on me because I know the story extremely well and don’t find it at all confusing but I don’t think the character depth can be judged as all that horrible. We know as much as we can about Xaldin and Lexaeus (plus the others) because of their backgrounds and until we found out much more than we know already about the six apprentices (which seems to have been kinda teased in the DDD trailer) then it’ll stay that way. I think we can really only judge the character depth when the saga is completed because well there are still characters like Marluxia and the others who we do not know of their somebodies, who knows if that’ll be revealed any time soon. 

    I think the incredibly die-hard fans *raises hand a little* know that KH3 will come soon and that while it’s far off at least we have been treated to some great games in between, oh and we know the team is still hard at work on Versus, though some people let it slip their minds.

  2. Babygirlalexismc Says:

    Great article! I completely agree with the optimism it holds!

  3. KingdomHeartsFTW Says:

    i agree with you completely, especially on the die hard fans part. *raises hand* =)

  4. Oniawa Says:

    totally right dude, the kingdom hearts story is amazing and ill admit a fair bit complex but that’s what makes it special! and i loved getting to grips with it and understanding it is very rewarding (especially with the hidden trailers and such) character depth? its based around Disney! thats the way these kinda characters are, just fun and loveable, too much character depth may ruin the magic of the Disney feel that clouds the story and characters!

    KH don’t change a thing!… just get games out quicker lol! x

  5. Ian Manning Says:

    The way the story works can be easy to understand. There’s a corrupt menace on the loose, and there’s a war coming, so Sora has to end the war by ending the villain’s existence. Sora’s story began with the prequel, Birth By Sleep, then it continues through Kingdom Hearts, then Chain of Memories, KH2 afterwords, next is his training in Dream Drop Distance, and finally, there’s KH3, the final chapter to Xehanort’s chaotic tale. From there, it get’s even better when Sora tries to save Axel, Xion, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. And if the creators decide to, they should make more of a story out of Sora and Kairi’s relationship.

  6. Maurice Hoek Says:

    I completely agree with both Tarif and KHSoraKeyBlade! *raises hand as high as possible =D* I love the complex story, it makes this game series stand out! Pretty much every character got their moment in the spotlight, and if not, they will eventually. But let’s face it if a few characters aren’t explained too deeply, when we watch a movie or read a book, do we bother finding out about a side-characters history. Sometimes sure, both most of em are easily forgotten. Lexeaus was far from being one of the best org. members. If I get a deeper story about him, then that’s a bonus. But no, I’m not awake every night just cuz he’s left out.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Great article! :) I’d love to see you summarize the plot line for Kingdom Hearts. That seems like it would take forever. As one having played all of the games, it’d be nice to read along a guide over viewing the secrets in each game.

    I love your articles! Keep it up :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    A very good point, every character did get their time in the spotlight and while some characters got more time then others that’s understandable not everyone can have a deep complex life. I mean what if Marluxia was just a simple florist or something and loved it so much it gave him a strong heart to continue into the next life as a nobody, I’m not sure it would be all that exciting to hear about and people would just complain that it wasn’t important to the story but still. Though now that I think of it that would be an absolutely hilarious past life to have for Marluxia xD 

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I know right, the story being the way it is definitely sets it apart from other games on the market and I love how the story’s complex nature is so refreshing to what is normally seen from Disney.

  10. Kingbrendan Says:

    Sora’s just a lame character to begin with, the story is too complex too understand courtesy of the light vs. dark theme, and there’s not a complete set of characters in every worrld. Furthermore, the idea of beyond KH3 is slowly slipping away as more time has been stalled for the perfect result of kh3. I say Sora’s the source of Kingdom Hearts being to childish. Finally, I just don’t like Sora because of his naivety, sympathy, and gullibility.

  11. Ryuk511 Says:

    Im a big kingdom hearts fan and I must admit, the x-blade is so stupid. The key blade is the most powerful weapon in the kh universe but all of a sudden we find out their is something more powerful than that, and can also open kingdom hearts easily?? And they even didn’t make it sound different than pronouncing the key blade in the games, sure they said it could be pronounced as “kye blade” or something. I would have preferred if they called it like “The X-Blade” no ki or kye just X. Sorry for the rant, despite these problems I love the kingdom hearts series but nomura needs to start being a little creative with his work and STOP MAKING SPIN-OFF TITLES that fill up previous plot holes we don’t need to know

  12. Maurice Hoek Says:

    Exactly! Some characters have a good enough tale to tell, others just don’t. What is there to be told about Demyx? Xigbar had it’s scars from Terra which made a fun add! But Larxene? She’s a bitch and nothing more… Some characters are better left the way they are, not being focussed on more. Not every character needs a dramatic past. ;)

  13. Jack Mowat Says:

    Satisfying blog. Too much character depth ruins speculation and, *shudders* fan-fics anyway.

  14. FLLFFL Says:

    Sakuchan makes unarguable points, but really, all u haters out there, don’t knock it till you try it. Though if they added some F.F. XIII characters, bleach, treasure planet,  and assassins creed worlds, I WOULD KILL FOR IT. IT WOULD BE TOTALLY EPIC!!!!!!  

  15. Tofudude Says:

    Great article, I totally agree with many of the points you made.

    It ticks me off when people equate not having KH3 with there being multiple spin offs. The reason we do not have KH3 is because the people who worked on KH1/2 are busy (although, after BBS I think that team should take the reins…but thats just my opinion). The choice is have nothing from the franchise, or have spin offs. And since the spin offs are not detracting from the story and are evolving the gameplay mechanics from KH2 (see BBS/Re-coded), Im glad we have spin offs (even if the story of days/coded might be slightly superfluous). 

    People say the story is silly and overly complex, but if you take a step back and compare it to other stories (I’m thinking of MGS specifically)…is it really that far off in terms of being convoluted or goofy? I think that because of the disney factor, its even endearing (every story boils down to “I have to do this to rescue my friends”)…it doesn’t seem jarring when the cheesy moment happen because its basically a disney movie

    Part of that is sora’s persona. He is an air headed kid…but thats good…it fits the whole disney theme. Although, I do think they skip over some of the darker/more emotional moments from the movies, and Im a little worried at how The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be handled.

    The whole “its for kids” argument is just pathetic.

    I do think the organization members could have used some more fleshing out, maybe have less than 13? Axel, Marluxia and Larxene where well developed in CoM, much more so than some of the ones introduced in KH2 (namely demyx, luxor and xaldin).

    I think you summed it up perfectly. It has flaws but there are multiple reasons why we are excited to play as a spiky haired 

  16. Tofudude Says:

    *spikey haired anime kid

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Anything that adds more swords to the game is a-ok by me!

    Thanks for your comment–I’d like to clarify that Tarif is the author of this article, so props goes to him!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like the article couldn’t convince you! That’s ok, though. To each his own. :)

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, thank you, Tarif, for the wonderful article!

  20. Daydrianlewis Says:

    Great article. You point out all of the flaws from the “Fans”.
    But really, people who complained about the story being too complex have never played any of the side-stories before or has never even paid any of the slightest attention to the game other than drooling over the FF characters. Also, I hate it when the “fans” always gives us that same annoying excuse; IDK what’s going on anymore, I quit after KH2, because I can’t play any of the games because I don’t have this certain system, or why are they making games for every new system blah blah. There’s a such thing called You Tube. Look it up. Like me, I never owned Birth By Sleep but I logged on You Tube and watch the cutscenes anyways because I didn’t wanna miss out on important details. There is NO excuse in saying “Oh, I don’t own any of the “SPIN OFFS” that’s why I’m behind…” Oh, here’s me. C’mon! There’s plenty of websites to look up the game’s storyline, why don’t you try You Tube and look at walkthroughs or cutscenes?!

    Everything else, I don’t have a problem with. But… hey! It’s their loss. They’re just Missing out on a great storyline. Hopefully after KH3, we’ll get to see some romance between Sora and Kairi. An epic fight between Sora and Riku. Sora saving Aqua, Ven and Terra. The return of Master Erauqs. Yen Sid breaking out from his retirement and using the Keyblade to fight the battle.


    -Sora might go into deep madness by changing to his Anti-Form or falling into the darkness randomly.

    -Riku might die.

    -Sora vs. Riku

    -Sora’s father is really Xehanort. Jk LOL

    -Sora’s uses a final form to defeat Xehanort.

    -There might be a real sinister mastermind behind the Xehanort plot.

    -Sora and Xehanort teaming up.

    -Sora was presumed dead but comes back at the end.

    -More Organization wannabes that work for Xehanort.

    -My be a last boss might be the creator of the darkness or Kingdom Hearts.

    *Haha, just some random predicitions in my head. Who knows what lies behind us. But all I know is, I’m psyche for KH: DDD and KH3. The final showdown everyone!

  21. Irfansyahm Says:

    For the part of mister sinister behind xehanort plot and the true enemy might be the creator of darkness or kingdom hearts it’s superbly logical…

  22. William Trengove Says:

    I could be a VERY lonely outsider here and say that i actually DID enjoy Atlantica from KH2 ^_^ When I think Disney Films, i think of the random musicals that occur every 5-10 minutes, sure it might be a bit ‘kiddy’ but come on we were all a kid at one stage in our lives right?

    But..anyway, what the author said about the FF characters is VERY true, KH will always be ‘it’s own franchise’, It’s NOT a Final Fantasy Spin-Off (and OBVIOUSLY I didn’t see the words ‘Final Fantasy’ anywhere in the title name :P ) the FF characters are mainly just there for the cameos to draw in those SE RPG fans (and as much as you don’t want to admit it, the strategy works) so NO, there won’t any Spiras or Midgars or Cocoons/Pulses and NO they aren’t really gonna explore the stories of the FF games because then you would have NO reason to buy a FF game, You’d just buy a KH game, and SE wants you to buy both…

    For those who can’t even understand what I’m saying, then you live in a very un-realistic world.

  23. William Trengove Says:

    *raises hand in agreement* basically if you haven’t loved the KH series by what you’ve played now (assuming you’ve played at least 3 of the games)…then you never will ;)

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Yep basically ^^ It’s people’s own fault if they skip the handheld games and haven’t a clue what’s going on in KH3 :P

  25. Daydrianlewis Says:


    I kinda figure. Nothing can’t really create darkness. It was here to begin with. One of the parts in life that we cannot explain where it come from. As for the others. I am expecting some of that stuff to happen. We won’t expecting any KH3 till like 2013 or 2014. It would take a year or maybe 2 years to develop a game like that. It’s kinda of a bummer actually. But it’s fine, at least we’ll have 3 more titles on the way according to Nomura.

  26. Rucksack4EVER Says:

    “I’m almost inclined to challenge anyone to legitimately say they enjoyed the Atlantica world in KH2.” Actually I did enjoy it. Sure it wasn’t a complete world but I thought the minigame was fun and enjoyed how it followed the movies plot albeit vaguely. I’m not saying the world was amazing or anything but I liked it for what it was.

    I also do not like Sora as a character. He’s bland, undeveloped, and is getting dumber in each game he’s in. You said “Sora’s a fairly simple, straightforward character. Can we not just be happy with that?” and my answer is no. I can’t feel immersed or interested in a game if I don’t even feel like the main character is essential to the plot because of who he is as a person. He’s only essential because he uses a keyblade. There isn’t anything about his personality that makes it important that it is him who does these things. Roxas, Terra, Ven and Aqua are a million times more interesting than him in my opinion. They have more realistic personalities and aren’t two dimensional like Sora and Kairi which is why Birth by Sleep is my favorite Kingdom Hearts game. I will give Sora credit for being fairly deep in Chain of Memories however but they seem pretty content on keeping him a generic “fight the baddies!” character with no personal conflict.

    The plot is getting severely irritating, to me at least, because the creator keeps pulling it up as he goes along. It’s making a lot of plot holes and there have been times where he basically changes what he said in another earlier game. Adding cutscenes and things that supposedly ‘happened” that we didn’t see is just making everything harder to follow. There are also too many useless characters that he’s shoving into the plot like some of the organization members that are basically there to have boss fights and create diehard fans. I’m pretty sure some characters like Zexion for example are only popular because of his appearance. His personality is only shown a few short times and it’s not expanded upon at all. I also can’t take any more variations of Sora or Ansem. So many things just don’t make any sense and it comes across like the goal of the plot is to purposely confuse you so you do not notice the glaring plotholes.

    Overall, although it will never happen, I wish they would just drop Sora altogether and focus on who are (in my mind) the real keyblade masters Terra, Ven and Aqua as they have so much more personality and are so much deeper and interesting. I actually feel for these characters because they seem real to me. Sora does not. It’s unfortunate that I do not like the Kingdom Hearts series overall as much as I used to. I fell in love with the first game, enjoyed Kingdom Hearts 2 greatly (even with its glaring flaws), and love Birth by Sleep most of all (mostly because it focused on telling it’s own story). I don’t mind sidegames….but I’m tired of playing as young Sora and going through Agrabah, Halloween Town, Olympus Coliseum and even Neverland at this point. I’m glad to know DDD will be having entirely new worlds at least.

  27. Christian Samuels Says:

    The story isn’t complex. It’s just full of plotholes. There are too many plot elements that are unexplained and even if they are it’s contradictory. I’ve played all of the games and don’t understand how Roxas and Sora could have existed at the same time. Merlin clearly says a nobody is the body of a person who became a heartless. So either Sora has to be using the body or Roxas is but they both use it. And I still don’t know how the hell Ventus fits in there. Also is Sora’s heart just a massive container. In KH1 he houses both Kairi’s and Ventus’ heart at the same time. How? What is the scope of the keyblades power. I still don’t know what it can do and can’t do. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Btw I like KH alot so don’t go crazy.

  28. Christian Samuels Says:

    Sora is a very simple character and this article doesn’t disprove that. Him fighting through strife to find Kairi isn’t a character trait and the ones he does possess are not interesting. He is easygoing, kind, friendly, whatever. Roxas is a much more interesting character in my opinion.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    A nobody is created when a person with a strong heart becomes a heartless, that much has always been clear. You must remember Roxas spent a lot of his time running about when Sora was sleeping but in Days when he goes to Castle Oblivion with Axel he faints. Now this could be because of only one thing, Ventus is in the castle. Ok, I know I haven’t mentioned the fact that while Sora is in CO Roxas is in fact doing missions for Org. XIII and thus both being “awake/alive” at the same time. The story has seemed to have slipped my mind on that part, I haven’t played Days in so long and even that was only one play through…
    Sora does seem to have too many people sharing his heart doesn’t he xD I’d never go crazy at someone, you seem to know what you are on about, I’d only rage at people who are like “GIVE US KH3!!!”. Now those are the people who are going to be like wtf is going on? xD But there is some plotholes after being dug but I think that is expected in any series that has as many games as KH does. I’m sure that come the end of KH3 everything will be crystal clear to everyone (despite the ones who “skipped” the handheld games :P ). I mean we still dunno what the outcome of 3D will be, knowing that only half of the game will be the actual mastery test gives me lots of joy and excitement to see what’s in store for the series’ story :D

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