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New KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Scan/Boss!

There were reports about another new boss appearing in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix called “No Heart” in which he wore armor similar to Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II except he wielded a Keyblade and sat in a throne. Now those are reports are true thanks to a new scan! He is a Mirage Arena boss that sits on the seats inside the Land of Departure castle!

KH Birth By Sleep Final Mix Website Update!

The official Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix website has been updated with two new options in their new features section of the site. The first is a section entitled “Armor of the Master” which it gives us very clear quality pictures of the fight with the mysterious armored warrior. And the second are pictures of a new co-op commands that can used with your friends in the Mirage Arena!

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Cover Revealed + Soundtrack Compilation Info (UPDATED)

Plenty of new stuff today, huh?

Fresh off the new Re:coded screenshot batch, comes even more news! First up, the final cover art for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep has been revealed. Even better? A new soundtrack compilation has been revealed to be in the works for a release. Click Read More for the details.

Square Enix’s Jump Festa 2011 Page Now Open!

Square Enix has opened up their site for Jump Festa 2011 event happening in December! The site has a list of information, the titles they’ll show off, a twitter feed, a floor map of the event, merchandise, and even a mobile version of their page!

KH Birth By Sleep: Final Mix Site Update!

The official site of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix has been updated! In this update they reveal the tabs that were once marked “Coming Soon”.

Hit the jump to find out what they are!