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New KH: Birth By Sleep Final Mix Images

Famitsu on their website has added several new images of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix! The images include screetshots of the new Blobmob boss located in the Deep Space area, recoloring of the Unversed mobs, as well as a look at the Mysterious Knight Mirage Arena boss!

Celebrate The Day After Thanksgiving With Some Kingdom Hearts!

Howdy folks, and happy Black Friday!

And on the subjects of Black Fridays, we at KHU are going to safely assume that if you’re reading this, you aren’t partaking in the most raw of human behaviors and natures while in the confines of stampeded shopping malls, overcrowded Gamestops, or the single most deadly No Man’s Land during Black Friday…Wallgreens. Chock filled with angry housewifes and over-exuberant ex-girlfriends.

Of course you’re not, henceforth, be sure to click Read More for a treat.

KH BBS Nominated in IGN’s Best of 2010 Awards!

IGN has just revealed their nominations for “Best of 2010” awards and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep has received five nominations out of the nine categories they have!

KH BBSFM Site Now Open!

The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts twitter sent out a new tweet just now telling us that the official site for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix site has now opened!

New BBSFM Scans + Possible Cover Artwork?

Howdy again folks!

Some new Jump scans have recently surfaced featuring Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix as the center of attention! Click Read More to see the details and the scans!