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Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 57

The 57th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here bringing you all the latest from the Kingdom Hearts universe. Join Branden, myself and a very special guest Sabrina as get on with the news! With very little new information coming out, we spend the news recapping the release date of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, the newly announced Prima guide for Kingdom Heart HD 1.5 Remix that’s 488 pages long! We also plug in a review of the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol.1 manga by Spencer.

Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 56

The 56th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is finally here after some technical difficulties. Join Branden and myself with a special appearance from Brian as well give you the low down of the recent happenings in the Kingdom Hearts community.

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 55

Here it is folks! The 55th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast is here and we are here to discuss the big big news that shocked the world during E3 2013! Join Branden, Jackie, Lauren and myself as we bring the best news every single Kingdom Hearts fan has been waiting for, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 54

Kingdom Hearts Union episode 54 has arrived and the gang is back in full force! Join Branden, myself, Jackie and Lauren and this episode is the final show before E3 2013 and we give our predictions on what to expect from the event!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 53

Episode 53 of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and bringing to you another brocast, is Branden and myself as we discuss the recent happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.