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Jen Shows Off Her Collection (SOYC Pt. II)

There were simply way too many photos from Jen’s collection to digest in one sitting. So here’s Part II of the continuation of Jen’s fantastic collection. Having lived in Japan for a year, Jen has amassed a collection of Japanese promo posters–all authentic! To hear her personal account of her collection and her time in [...]

Free Kingdom Hearts 3D preorder, enter our forum raffle!

We are giving away a free pre-order of Kingdom Hearts 3D to one of our regular members at the end of March. Anyone can join the raffle, and it’s super simple: tickets are earned by only posting on our forums!

Kingdom Hearts Timeline

Brush up the series history and events before the 3DS edition arrives!

Jen Shows Off Her Collection! (SOYC Pt. I)

Jen sent me her collection back in early December, so no doubt, she’ll probably have added a few new pieces to the already “exploding-out-of-your-room” type KH collection. To explain how she came to own all the amazing imports and one or two oddities, I interviewed her with all the excitment of someone admiring someone else’s Christmas presents. Jen’s story behind her collection is out of this country! (literally) You really don’t want to miss this segment of SOYC because

Speak Up Monday

Jackie (Sakuchan) here! It’s been awhile since we had a Speak Up, but now that the news is rolling in and giving us surprises each week, we can actually put to rest some of our speculations and at the same time, let our minds wander off to think even deeper into the KH story to come! So this time, I did something a little different. I thought I’d stir the pot a little and post a very well-worded question from one of our readers, Josh. He submitted a question (actually, this might count as multiple questions) that was too good to pass up. Read it and discuss away!