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Need A Break From Kingdom Hearts? Try The Lottery!

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While you most likely still have a burning passion for Kingdom Hearts and you still haven't had enough of the Square Enix, Roxas’ time in the Organization XIII or the multiplayer mode, it's only natural to feel the need for a break. Even the most experienced, passionate, and professional of gamers need some time off […]

Happy New Year! 2011’s Most Commented News!

Man alive–it was a rollercoaster of a year for KH news. After BBS hype died down, we experienced one of the worst news draught in the beginning of the year. Things started to pick up halfway into summer, and Famitsu and Tokyo Game Show helped contribute to the burst of interesting news pieces. November and December was crazy and frantic, like a train running at full speed, blowing steam into our faces. This fast-moving train of news delivered an 8-minute trailers, high-quality screenshots and translated dialogue. Consider it Nomura’s Christmas gift to us fans.

It’s the New Year, so let’s have some fun and chronologically review some of the most popular and most commented news pieces of 2011. Check out the long way we’ve come and all the exciting things that have happened this year!

A Christmas Message From KHU!

A Christmas message from KHU is inside! Hit the button to take a look!

The Online Gaming Sector Allows Investors Huge Capital Growth

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Probably, the online gaming industry is one of the most recent sectors to make its appearance in the financial world. Yet, this large and well established industry has been growing dramatically during the past decade. Impressive Growth & Interaction With Other Entertainment Branches Today, video games and online games represent a big part of the […]

Stephanie Shows Off Her Collection

We like you guys, and we always find it worthwhile to give the spotlight to fans, who keep the series alive. That’s why Kingdom Hearts Ultimania likes to get in touch with a reader to talk about his or her foray into the games we know and love so well. It’s nice to revisit good memories and reminiscence about the good ol’ days, as well as look forward to the future. Sometimes, we even ask tough questions.

This week, Stephanie shows us what’s she’s got in her collection. It’s a massive one; 176 items! Check out the pictures for yourself!