Kingdom Hearts 2 Characters


Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: Haley Joel Osment

When it comes to Square-Enix characters there are none quite like Sora. His upbeat attitude, unwavering devotion to good, and his love for his best friends have made him one of the most popular Square Enix creations in the last few years. Like in previous games, Sora again takes the lead role in this installment, Kingdom Hearts 2.

Sora has changed since we last saw him in Chain of Memories, (sleeping in a pod created by the powerful witch artist Namine, in order to regain his memories). He’s now fifteen (a year older), and more powerful than anything fans will remember from Kingdom Hearts. His ability to wield the Keyblade is still unmatched, and thanks to the help from a few Disney characters, Sora gains new abilities which literally kick his offensive and defensive potential into overdrive.

Sora will need these powers to take on the new threat known as Organization XIII. Dressed in black hooded cloaks, and controlling the new enemies known as Nobodies, the threat of Organization XIII looms over everything in Kingdom Hearts 2.

What are their motives? Why are they searching for Kingdom Hearts? And why is King Mickey dressed like one of them? Add this to the already mysterious connection Sora has with a young boy named Roxas who can also wield the Keyblade, and it is clear Sora has plenty of mysteries to resolve.


Donald in Kingdom Hearts 2 Voice Artist: Tony Anselmo

Every hero needs help, and Donald is the perfect duck for the job. Full of optimism, Donald is the comedic relief Sora needs as he fights against Organization XIII. Wielding powerful magic Donald is a key part of the powerful trio that is Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

When we last left Donald he too was asleep in a pod created by the witch artist Namine. Where Sora has aged a year, Donald, in true Disney fashion, remains timeless and is as laughable and grumpy as ever. He too, like Sora, has to finish his quest of finding someone; King Mickey.

Just like in Kingdom Hearts, Donald assists Sora as he battles against his enemies. Donald (the court wizard) and his magical knowledge along with Goofy’s impressive strength (captain of the guard) will make handling the tougher Heartless and the mysterious Organization XIII a much more manageable task.

Along with Sora, Donald hopes to solve the mysteries surrounding Kingdom Hearts 2. Why is King Mickey dressed like a member of Organization XIII? How did the Heartless survive? How many Disney worlds are still threatened? Needless to say, Donald is going to have his hands full.


Goofy in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: Bill Farmer

Where there is Donald there will always be Goofy. Filling out the last slot in the dynamic trio, Goofy is the ying to Donald’s yang. Where Donald is always angry (even though it is an upbeat angry), Goofy is always happy. No matter how dire the situation he always finds the positive in it. Like Donald, Goofy was also asleep in a pod created by the witch artist Namine, and has remained exactly the same despite a year passing for Sora.

While Donald wields powerful magic (he’s the court wizard) Goofy is all about strength (he has to be since he is captain of the guard). Spinning moves, along with powerful charges are all a part of Goofy’s amazing list of moves that uses against the Heartless and Organization XIII.

He’ll need these as he helps Sora look for Riku, as well as solve the mysteries surrounding Kingdom Hearts and the mystifying new threat of Organization XIII.


Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: Hayden Panettiere

In Kingdom Hearts 2, Kairi reprises her role as the love interest of Sora. A year older, Kairi has grown into a strong, competent, young girl. The last time she saw Sora he promised that they would always be together. Kairi still lives near Destiny Islands and wonders when the day will arrive that Sora will fulfill his promise.

Also a mystery surrounds Kairi, thanks to her connection with the witch artist Namine. Is it parallel to the connection between Roxas and Sora? Is this why Kairi is being hunted by Organization XIII? And could she possibly weild the Keyblade also? Rest assured Kairi’s character is definetly overhauled in Kingdom Hearts 2.


Riku in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: David Gallagher

Sora’s best friend. A year older than Sora, Riku was always in competition with his younger pal. Whether it was racing down the beach, or trying to impress Kairi, Riku was always trying to show Sora that he was the best at everything. This is what ultimately lead him down the road of darkness, and gave way to Sora’s adventures in Kingdom Hearts.

Sora eventually did find Riku and freed him of his darkness, but not before having to lock him away with King Mickey in Kingdom Hearts. He hasn’t been seen since then by Sora even though they were both within Castle Oblivion at the same time fighting against Organization XIII.

Finding Riku is still Sora’s main goal throughout Kingdom Hearts 2. He made a promise to himself to find his friends, and nothing will stop him. No one knows though where Riku is or what has happened to him since the events of Kingdom Hearts and Chain of Memories. Has Riku remained the same? or has he been changed by the realm of darkness?


Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: Jesse McCartney

Roxas is a young teenager who resides in the bustling area of Twilight Town. Introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2, this enigmatic character plays a huge role throughout the game. As we meet Roxas, he finds himself being wrapped up in a mystery regarding his past and his possible connection to Organization XIII.

Players will be able to experience first hand and immerse themselves within the torment Roxas experiences as his life is turned upside down, revealing who he really is and his eventual purpose.

Why can he weild the keyblade? What is his connection to Sora?

King Mickey

King Mickey in Kingdom Hearts 2Voice Artist: Wayne Allwine

Ruler over Disney Castle, and another powerful Keyblade weilder, King Mickey is the second hero of Kingdom Hearts 2. Where in Kingdom Hearts we barely saw King Mickey until the very end, Mickey takes a much more active, and significant role this time around (players may even get to control him once or twice during the game).

Wielding the inverted Keyblade, King Mickey is also fighting against the threat of Organization XIII.

But questions have arisen about the King’s allegiance. Why is he dressed like a member of the Organization? Have they brainwashed King Mickey or did he choose this of his own free will? And probably the most important question of all, how did King Mickey escape Kingdom Hearts? Mickey is going to have a lot of questions to answer when he finally runs into Sora, Donald and Goofy.