Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Characters


Terra in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Jason Dohring

A dedicated young man who exhibits ground-shaking skill beneath his mellow exterior, Terra has studied and trained vigorously under the eye of Master Eraqus.

He has tremendous drive to see the completion of his dream: to be a Keyblade Master, alongside his best friends Aqua and Ventus.

Terra has a very trusting and caring disposition, bordering on the edge of naivety but still, his compassion towards others makes him as many friends as it does enemies.

On the day of an exam set to prove his worth of the Mark of Mastery, Terra fails to meet what is expected of him, and sets forth in search of the missing Master Xehanort in order to prove his worth to his friends and to himself.


Ven in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Jesse McCartney

Or “Ven” as he is known to his friends: a cheerful and well-meaning youth who also studies under the great Master Eraqus.

He dreams of someday becoming a Keyblade Master, but his friendship with Terra and Aqua is just as important.

On the day of the exam of the Mark of Mastery, Ventus is given an ominous warning from a familiar stranger, foretelling a haunting fate for Terra. Fearing this, he sets off to protect his friend.

Though he’s not nearly as far along in his training as Terra or Aqua, Ven can maneuver his Keyblade with precision and haste that rivals the wind.


Aqua in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Willa Holland

A strong-hearted young woman whose unwavering sense of justice and compassion to all secures her spot as the most trusted pupil of Master Eraqus.

Her dream of becoming a true Keyblade Master takes second chair to her commitment to the well-being of Terra and Ven.

On the day she is examined for the Mark of Mastery, Master Xehanort goes missing. The duty of watching after her friends, finding the missing Keyblade Master and examining the dark creatures called the Unversed- falls on her shoulders.

Aqua is a meticulous magician, and this combined with her nimble movement makes her as powerful as a sudden downpour.

King Mickey

King Mickey in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Bret Iwan

The King of Disney Castle, his small stature belies his immense force.
A former Keyblade apprentice under Master Yen Sid, he has returned for more training just as a new threat to the worlds immerges. Deciding to follow his heart instead of orders, Mickey rushes off to investigate.

Master Eraqus

Master Eraqus in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Mark Hamill

A firm but fair Master of the Keyblade, Eraqus believes in his duty to protect the realm of light and aggressively battle the darkness.

Eraqus has three apprentices under his tutelage: Terra, Aqua and Ventus, and upon hearing the threat of an overwhelming disaster he sends his students into the sea of worlds to find the source.


Vanitas in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Haley Joel Osment

Arrogant and reckless, he is capable of some truly damaging moves with his Keyblade, second only to the brutal words that escape his masked mouth.

Vanitas is the lone pupil of Master Xehanort, but as the trio traverses the worlds they begin to suspect he is so much more.

Master Xehanort

Master Xehanort in KH: Birth By Sleep Voice Artist: Leonard Nimoy

A powerful Master of the Keyblade, he trained with Eraqus at a young age and returned to the Land of Departure after some time to oversee the exam of the Mark of Mastery.

Soon after, Xehanort disappears without a trace, just as a new class of dangerous creatures dubbed “The Unversed” emerge to wreak havoc on the worlds.

Suspecting these occurrences might be linked, Master Eraqus sends his students to investigate, and along their journey they find a conspiracy more ancient than the worlds themselves.