Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Trailer

Hello folks!

Even more exciting news today!  Despite the trailer for the recently revealed Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance’s date set to be publicly shown on the 27th of this month, it still managed to find itself online today thanks to Nico Douga viewers!  Check the trailer below!

Special thanks to axel22 for the HQ link!

70 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Trailer”

  1. axel22 Says:

    Way better quality here:

  2. Micheal Ackerman Says:

    Another vid here possibly better quality

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whaddya know. That actually looks sort of fun.

  4. Anixe Says:

    I see now.
    Kingdom Hearts meets Inception. YES INDEED.

  5. Micheal Ackerman Says:

    Oh and whats with the new logos there’s 2 of them and they sort of look like roses

  6. Random_Guy Says:

    Gameplay looks INSANE!!!

  7. JC Says:

    Wow, they finally put in a “Hunchback of Notre Dame” World….SWEET!!!! lol

  8. axel22 Says:

    It now translated as well!

  9. DaughterofLight Says:

    EEEEP!!!! I was not excited for this game at all until I saw this. Too bad it’s only for the 3DS… >< Stupid multiple platforms….

  10. Joshua Bolin Says:

    Dream Drop Distance? Can they just call it Dreaming Down the Depths?

  11. MrSparkle07 Says:

    You guys need to host this here or somewhere other than YouTube! You KNOW it’s going to get pulled.

    Amazing trailer though. First time I’ve been excited since KH2

  12. Iggy v H. Says:

    Shows a lot about gameplay! But nothing new about story…

  13. Lemonadejohnson Says:

    So the Mark of Mastery Test is in a dream world? Saweet! Gameplay looks stellar

  14. Flclracker Says:

    I WANT IT!!! Dx

  15. DRedouJR Says:

    This us gonna b freakin sweet. Could possibly b multiple story modes Like BBS??? Interesting.

  16. Debenz Says:

    I hope this is the start of more positive comments.

  17. Andrew Stander Says:

    Railsliding Sora. I know where that came from. Sly Cooper. Great find.

  18. Christopher B. Says:

    And people thought it was going to be a remake of KH1.


  19. Tristanh7 Says:

    nomura said it will have a completely new story, with many new surprised and disney world setting the plotline for kh3, but you may be right on a certain degree, if this is all a dream, whats the point, its just like coded, great now that all thats over, we know remember that it didnt really matter at all.

  20. Debenz Says:

    This is just a thought I came up with hours ago.

    You see Ansem with a see through Xemnas behind him and Xemnas with a see through Ansem behind him. Nomura said that KH3D is about “trust”. My thought is, so Sora can see Xemnas and Riku can see Ansem. Now what if Ansem and Xemnas were just an illusion, and Sora and Riku were fighting each other without knowing it because they think they’re fighting Ansem/Xemans,and they would have to figure out that it’s not really them.This is due to them taking the Mark of Mastery exam.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Fuck you, ‘nucka. :<

  22. Thea Larson Says:

    The title seems meaningful on a lot of levels. Dream – it takes place in a dream world. Drop – a fall, perhaps relating to Sora’s stint as a Heartless and Riku’s own use of darkness? Distance – they have a long way to go to meet the mark of Mastery.

    Plus, three Ds in the title. It’s a 3D game. :D I’m probably not the first to notice this though :D

    As far as the gameplay goes, it looks stellar. The rail riding kind of reminded me of Jet Set Radio future. also, new worlds? Maybe now my dream of a Treasure Planet world With Zidane in it can finally be realized! I’m looking forward to this a lot :D

  23. Johnny Banh Says:

    This is going to be one heck of a game!

  24. Roxas_92 Says:

    That not really a bad thought. i saw the see throught too but i was wondering about that.

  25. Roxas_92 Says:

    This KH is awesome. I cant wait to see what happen next. Remember, “You never know who you’ll run into next.”

  26. Debenz Says:

    You really should be Dream Dropped in a Distance far away, cause this aint the world for you.

  27. vinicius Says:

    Someone noticed that it says “Drop” under the HP bar of Sora and Riku?
    Sorry if i wrote something wrong, my english is very bad, i’m brazilian =D

  28. Lexamun Says:

    Dammit, I just posted the same thing on Youtube, but you beat me to the chase. Very clever!

  29. Debenz Says:

    LOL I posted this on youtube yesterday, and on this site as well.

  30. Zander Says:

    that would be sick i have wanted to see zidane in one of the games and that would be a perfect fit. and hopefully The lost city of Atlantis is in it. cant wait for this game

  31. Theking Tga Says:

    look at sora skiting cool high jump super power that mean sora become inmortal not cool weak is beater

  32. Theking Tga Says:

    as callofduty say ansem,xemnas,terrnort this *hearts* must die

  33. Theking Tga Says:

    sorry about that but it look like sora fight light and riku fight darkness

  34. Keyblade333 Says:

    Uh…Riku in 2nd District (it’s raining men reference) XDD

  35. Lena Garcia Says:

    Halelujah ITS RAINING MEN lol Riku just entered 2nd district heaven XD Everything is made out of sora

  36. Keyblade333 Says:

    epic win :)

  37. Lena Garcia Says:

    Thankies fernando XD

  38. RM Says:

    *squee* >.<

  39. Xxmoonangelxx Says:


  40. Anonymous Says:

    Man this game looks SO EPIC. I might get the 3DS just for this. LOL XD

  41. Joshx Says:

    Sora jumps off that ledge breaks his legs Kingdom Hearts saga just ends everything weve done leads up to sora becoming cripled that is his True Destiny…….Mindfreak O.o

  42. Arcane Says:

    Wait, wait, did you just quote the old KH commerical? Sir, you are pure win.

  43. guest Says:

    Is it only going to be made in japanese

  44. Leopoldo Ferrari Says:

    Your English is really good! Seriously! When I read I though it was an American writing. Just write “HAS someone noticed” porque se só escrever someone noticed então significa alguém percebeu ( citação, não pergunta) – Brasileiro tbm

  45. GreatKefka Says:

    More sweetness. Nomura has confirmed that all Disney worlds will be entirely new!!!!!

  46. Alexanderremland Says:

    That is a very good theory, but I’m not sure how you came up with it. I realize that the game’s theme is trust, and that for some reason, Ansem and Xemnas have ghosts of each other behind their backs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s Sora vs. Riku. My theory is that it’s supposed to represent the fact that they are the two halves of Xehanort, and that he is returning.

  47. GreatKefka Says:

    No offense, but personally, neither title makes much sense to me. I get that Drop has something to do with the Drop meter below Sora’s HP gauge, but (and keep this in mind, people) we’re not sure what the Dream or Distance part of the title means yet.

  48. GreatKefka Says:

    3 words: Awesome!!!!!

  49. GreatKefka Says:

    Actually, it’s been confirmed that the switching style between Sora and Riku will go like this:
    You’ll be just walking around and randomly the game will switch you between Sora and Riku without any warning or meaning whatsoever, kinda like in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest with the annoying transitions from day to night.

  50. Andres Rodriguez Says:

    They had me at when Yen Sid said, “To show us the mark of mastery!” O.O i just got mind-fucked

  51. Nisa Addina Says:

    I wonder if we’re gonna play solo again like in recoded :L

  52. Anonymous Says:

    LOL, like that incident in 358/2 days, Roxas fighting Xion without knowing it.

  53. Gmlife26 Says:

    ok ppl lets put our heads 2gether..we can do this..its shouldnt b hard considering square enix has no place left to go with this KH series…..if we think 2gether we could BLOW nomura’s mind out of his effin skull!!!! My theory is Yen Sid put riku n sora in a dream world because u gotta remember riku was in darkness while sora was bustin baddies so if the game is based on TRUST then i think their mastery test is to learn to further trust each other….im just throwin ideas out there cause we dont kno if all the mastery test were like in BBS…for all we kno trust could be their test! I wish i could say sumtin on the whole ansem n xemnas back-2-back thing but im completely baffled by that…i could mean that their gunna fight each other like roxas n xion did in 358/2…well thats my theory im open to all comments please comment we are all workin towards the same goal so if i got sumtin wrong or if u feel it means sumtin else please comment :)

  54. Gmlife26 Says:

    is it weird to pretend ur a voice actor 4 this game series? :)

  55. Miranda Kinder Says:

    why cant these games come out for MORE than just ONE gaming system at a time? I JUST bought the DS for 358/2 Days and Re:coded. I don’t have the money for a 3DS.

  56. Jimmybravo01 Says:

    i finaly understand why they call it dream drop distance listen carfully dream drop means they drop in a dream without knowing it and i also know thats it a dream because it takes place after kh2 so their dreaming that their younger and distance means how far they progress now its just a theory but it makes sence and it locks in to place

  57. Alex N 767 Says:

    Don’t you remember? The kingdom hearts universe has soft ground, so they can jump off the top of memory skyscraper and land feet first without flinching.

  58. Fan Says:


  59. wall art Says:


  60. Sky Says:

    Since everybody thinks that, including me, it probably isn’t the case. I’m sure they set up the trailer to make it appear that way.

  61. canvas prints Says:

    This has been out for a while now.

  62. Og Pykeboy Says:

    hope thay make a game for the ps3 soon

  63. Gchase Says:

    Like that one episode of Justice League?

  64. Jules Barril Says:

    y the hell does most kingdom hearts games have to come out in different freaking consoles, this just means i have to buy a stupid 3ds just to play this game……..i hate trying to keep up with new consoles

  65. Zurielrms1 Says:

    they should put Cecil and/or Kain from FF4

  66. Zerker99 Says:

     I think I got it. KH 3D is about trust and ti’s title is Dream Drop Distance right.Well what if it means Dream=they are in a dreaming which is supposed to be their test aka Mark of Master which will make one if not both true Keyblade Masters by beating their true common enemies, Ansem and Xemnas so they must trust each other in order to truly beat them.Drop=as they go deeper into their subconscious they face old enemies even those they don’t know or remember (like the shadow or nobody that Roxas fight just like Sora did with his Darkside) so they must face their toughest opponents to continue their journey and become true Keyblade master(s) like King Mickey.Distance=as they continue their journey they will encounter places they don’t recall (like Castle Oblivion) thus going a longer distance than they have ever gone on their other separate journeys especially if they are in their own subconscious dreams so they will understand themselves and others as they go on in their journey (for example Sora understanding Riku more and the mysterious figure known as Roxas).And this is how I conclude the game to be and I think Sora and/or Riku will be going to Castle Oblivion because of the events that took place in Re:Coded because as many of you will know Sora got or at least will get back the memories from Castle Oblivion and both Riku and Sora will probably remember Ventus, Terra, and/or Aqua.So now I conclude this with everything I learned from every single KH game I played (except for Birth by Sleep because I never managed to play it and the remake of Chain of Memories for the Playstation 2) and I hope that everybody else is with me on this because I am sticking with this theory.

  67. daniel Says:

    i cant get that game i dont have a 3ds and i relly whant it

  68. thewarriorfan2010 Says:

    when is it being relesed in canada

  69. people search Says:

    i agree with you

  70. Roxas Says:

    OMFG video removed by user

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