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Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 65

The sixty-fifth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and it marks the very first brocast of 2014. Join Branden and myself as we start off into a discussion on the Square Enix CEO said about the direction of the games they create. Lots of ranting and discussion is said on this subject!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 64

The sixty-forth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Join Branden, Sabby, and myself as we deep dive in to the recent bit of happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

New Tetsuya Nomura Interview in Famitsu; Mentions KH HD 2.5, KHX

The latest issue of Famitu features an interview with Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura. The interview was asking various game developers questions regarding the next generation of gaming.

Kingdom Hearts Players Survey

Square Enix using their official Kingdom Hearts facebook page has set up an official survey for fans to take.

Kingdom Hearts Card Case

Hidemi Matsuzuka, general manager of Square Enix’s figure brand, has just revealed a new Kingdom Hearts card case. Perfect for those who are looking to store their own or business cards they’ve obtained.