Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+


Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+
(Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix & Kingdom Hearts: RE:Chain of Memories)
Platform: PlayStation 2

Release Dates:
– Japan // 29th March 2007
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Several months after the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 in North America & Japan, Square Enix announced that an improved version of the game (including a remake of KH: CoM) was in development. Throughout this verison of the game, players can experience new content such as extra cutscenes, special bosses and lots more. The following page details the aforementioned content alongside being an extensive FAQ.

TGS 2006 – Press Release:

“As separate hearts are released together, so their hands meet once more.

A new version of Kingdom Hearts II based on the North American version, along with extra cutscenes, battles and map gimmicks.
As an added bonus, a full remake of the 2004 game Chain of Memories is included. Some of the cutscenes have Japanese voices, while some extra elements are also added that weren’t in the original.
At TGS, the new Re:Chain of Memories is playable. And there’s also some goods for sale to commemorate the event! Please drop by.

The Extras: Quicklist
Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix
– 7+ New Boss Battles (“Organization XIII” Members & “Enigmatic Soldier”)

– 10+ New Cutscenes
– 2 Additional Sidequests (“Organization XIII Mushrooms” & “Piece Collection” Mode)
– Theatre Mode (Rewatch Cutscenes in Japanese/English)
– Additional Difficulty Level (“Critical”)
– New Explorable Areas (“Cave of Remembrance” & “Garden of Assemblage”)
– New & Reworked Enemies (Statistic & Colour Changes)

– New Drive Form (“Limit Form”)
– New Drive Gauge Limit (Increased to 9)
– New Abilities

– New Synthesis Items
– New Accessories

– New Weapons (e.g. “Acrossing Two” & “Proof of Victory” Keyblades)

– New Character Costumes

Kingdom Hearts: RE:Chain of Memories
Complete Remake with 3D Graphics
– Many New Cutscenes (Inc. Japanese Voice Acting)
– Additional Dialogue (Differences from Original Storyline)
– Theatre Mode (Rewatch Cutscenes in Japanese)

– New Boss Battle (Zexion)
– New Abilities
– Reaction Commands Included

– Includes “Reverse/Rebirth”

Currently there is no confirmed plans that Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ will be released outside of Japan


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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix



Kingdom Hearts – RE:Chain of Memories

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