Kingdom Hearts 2 Voice Artists

Haley Joel Osment as Sora

DOB: April 10th, 1988

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Haley Joel Osment as Sora

Haley Joel Osment

One of the youngest actors to ever be nominated for an Oscar Award, Haley Joel Osment had made his claim to fame at the age of six years old, starring as Cole Sear in Steven Spielberg’s production, The Sixth Sense.

Osment started out at a pizza hut commercial as a toddler, but soon progressed into television episodes, voice acting jobs, and even award-winning movies. The collection of roles he played, undoubtedly, is diverse- his resume consisting of animations such as IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2005), movies Pay It Forward (2000), Secondhand Lions (2003), AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001), and of course, the practically international video game sensation- the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

“I carry my senses of trying to learn, my curiosity, and my memory.”
“It makes me feel great when young actors say they look up to me. I hope I can be a positive role model.”
“Playing different personalities brings out some of the qualities you have, too. So I guess it helps me become a well-rounded person.”