Kingdom Hearts Coded

Kingdom Hearts: CodedKingdom Hearts: Coded (Official Website)

Platform: Mobile

Release Dates:

– Japan // Summer 2008

Square Enix revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2007 that a new mobile installment of the Kingdom Hearts Series is in development. Using the latest 3D mobile technology, KH: Coded will see players control Sora through a whole variety of Disney worlds and experience a new style of gameplay unique to the franchise. It is currently unknown if this game will be released outside of Japan, but Square Enix have expressed a desire to see this forthcoming title released in other territories.

TGS 2007 – Press Release:
A Disney universe as vast as the mobile network awaits you.
In KINGDOM HEARTS coded, you will journey through a variety of Disney worlds on an exciting adventure brought to life by advanced mobile phone technology and gorgeous graphics never before seen on the platform. This marks the first collaboration between Square Enix and the Walt Disney Internet Group.

After the events of KINGDOM HEARTS, Jiminy Cricket returned to Disney Castle to organize his journal. While he arranged his records, his eyes fell upon a page with a mysterious message.

We must return to free them from their torment.

However, no matter how hard Jiminy tried to recall the source of the text, he couldn’t remember. So the King digitized the contents of the journal and started an investigation. Within the world traced from the contents of Jiminy’s Journal, a boy awoke on Destiny Island. It was the beginning of a new quest for a virtual Sora.

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