Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Kingdom Hearts: Mobile is inspired by the original PS2 game and features 3D Graphics.

It was developed for the VCAST service avaliable on some Verizon
Wireless Phones (USA). The game was developed and published by
Disney Interactive, meaning Square-Enix had very little to do with this project and not officially considered part of the main series.

“The mobile Kingdom Hearts game offers an original adventure featuring
Sora, bearer of the KeyBlade. Players find Sora stranded on a deserted island
and must help him find the supplies needed to escape off the island. Along the
way, Sora uncovers a series of puzzles and must battle creatures known as the
Heartless. As Sora progresses through each level, more details about his task
at hand are unveiled. More than 20 characters provide Sora guidance and entertainment
throughout his journey.”

The game has been reworked into an action/platform game and has been split into
numerous mission packs. The games graphics rivals those of the later Playstation 1 games (Final
Fantasy VIII, Driver 2 etc.) alongside the software having high quality audio and cutscenes.

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