Kingdom Hearts Characters

The characters featured on this page are playable at one point in the game.
You start off with Sora, Donald and Goofy. As you progress through the game
and discover new Worlds, you get to control more characters.


Age: 14

Sora, an outgoing and cheerful teenager who was born on the Destiny Islands
14 years ago. Riku, his elder by a year, and Kairi, an optimistic young girl,
are Sora’s best friends. The three decide to leave the islands and set sail
to discover the world of Kairi’s childhood. However, before the planned departure
the three friends are mysteriously separated. Sora finds himself alone in Traverse
Town and decides to search for his two comrades in an attempt to return home with them
to the Destiny Islands.


Age: 14

Kairi arrived at the Destiny Islands some years ago on a night, which saw shooting stars
showering across the sky. She lost her memory that night and to this day cannot recall
any details of her origins. Now 14 years of age, she has grown into a cheerful, strong-minded
teenager who feels very much at home on the islands. Nevertheless, Kairi and her two friends,
Sora and Riku, decide to leave the Destiny Islands to learn more about Kairi’s past. However,
before they can set off on their journey, their plans are interrupted by the Heartless…


Age: 15

The 15-year-old Riku is a self-confident teenager who seems rather mature for his age.
Considered particularly gifted, he is admired and somewhat envied by many of his peers.
Thus, the firm bond of friendship that has developed between him and Sora is not
entirely free of rivalry. Riku’s inquiring mind entices him to leave the Destiny
Islands along with Sora and Kairi.


The well-known, temperamental duck takes on the role of royal magician at Disney Castle. A confidant
of his missing monarch, Donald departs with Goofy in search of his sovereign. The king left nothing but
a letter with a clue instructing Donald to only cooperate with the person bearing the “Key” …

Donald Duck made his debut in the 1934 animated feature film: Disney’s The Wise Little Hen


Goofy is the captain of the royal knights at Disney Castle.
A compassionate and cheerful fellow by nature, he dislikes fighting and hurting others. Consequently, he brandishes
a blunt shield in battle. While it may seem that he is not the brightest, Goofy is definitely one of the king’s loyal
men. He resolutely sets off with Doanld, determined to rescue their monarch and to find the “key bearer”.

Goofy made his first appearance in the 1932 animated feature film: Disney’s Mickey’s Revue


When Tarzan was a child, the ship carrying him and his parents
was sunk. The infant survived and was fostered by a gorilla named Kala. Although Tarzan learned the language of the
apes, his different appearance and comparative physical weakness hindered him for a long time. However, the jungle hero
managed to overcome these deficiencies through rigorous exercise and grew into a strong and intelligent young man. His
encounter with Jane triggered Tarzan’s interest in the world beyond the jungle. He also began to learn the human language.

The animated feature film Tarzan was released in 1999.


This warm-hearted, destitute young man has no close relatives or friends other that the ape Abu. Aladdin gets by, though
not without some occasional swindling! He is also besotted with Jasmine. He goes to great lengths to impress her and
to perhaps win her heart by retrieving the treasures from the Cave of Wonders. It was in this cave that Aladdin found a
Magic Carpet and the magic lamp, home to the Genie. That is how Aladdin came to be the Genie’s master.

The animated feature film Disney’s Aladdin was released in 1992


The 16-year-old mermaid is the youngest daughter of King Triton, ruler of the seas. Blessed with the loveliest voice
in Atlantica, Ariel is far too fascinated by the human world for her father’s liking. She often ventures to the surface
of the sea, collecting objects lost by humans. Ariel’s capers constantly confound her “minder”, Sebastian the crab

Ariel’s enchanting voice was the first heard in the 1989 animated feature film: Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Jack Skellington

The ruler of nightmares and terror is considered impulsive and self-assured. He also organizes Halloween festivals.
Determined to spoil his guests with the most exciting and unforgettable nights. He is constantly on the prowl for
new party ideas.

Jack Skellington first scared cinema-goers in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1993.

Peter Pan

The flying boy loves pranks above all else. Like all citizens of Neverland, he does not age and is wilful and utterly
fearless. Peter also possesses a strong sense of justice. As if to balance his childish traits, he also has characteristics
that make him appear mature and grown-up. Peter has already fought and won countless battles against his eternal nemesis,
Captain Hook. This time, however, Hook has kidnapped Peter’s friend Wendy. To rescue her, Peter Pan must venture into the
lions den: the pirates ship!

The animated feature film Disney’s Peter Pan was released in 1953.


His fangs and claws instil sheer terror in his opponents. A former prince, Beast was transformed into an ugly creature
as punishment for his obstinacy and ruthlessness. He shut off his heart entirely but learned compassion and true love
when he met Belle, who helped heal the wounds inflicted by his long, lonely spell. Now the heartless have destroyed
Beasts home and abducted Belle. He makes his way alone to Hollow Bastion in his quest to save Belle.

The animated feature film Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991.