Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide

General Information and Conditions

You can participate in a number of tournaments in the game. Here, Sora will battle various groups of opponents together with Donald and Goofy. All of the games have the following in common: you cannot save your game between rounds, the main menu is inaccessible, you cannot summon characters, and your opponents do not drop any items, HP or MP balls. After having won the last round of the Preliminaries, you cannot participate in these games again.

You can enter the Cups as often as you like. In addition, you can choose specific levels (see below). If Sora’s HP drops to 0, he will be returned to the Lobby along with Donald and Goofy. The order and rankings are displayed on the Coliseum Gates billboards. You must meet certain requirements in order to participate in the games:

Preliminaries: Hades will hand you the required Entry Pass if you talk to him after destroying all of the barrels within the time limit.

Phil Cup: Defeat Cerberus and fly to Traverse Town. Seal the Keyhole there.

Pegasus Cup: Defeat Parasite Cage for the second time in Monstro.

Hercules Cup: Seal the Keyholes in Halloween Town and Neverland.

Hades Cup: Unlock the three tournaments above and seal the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. In this Cup, your progress will be stored every 10 rounds, even if you lose.

Sephiroth: The Platinum Match. Unlock the Hercules Cup, leave Hollow Bastion for the first time after Kairi’s rescue, And talk to Phil.

Ice Titan: Phil offers you the Gold Match after you have won the Hades Cup. Select this option to fight the Ice Titan.

The Four Modes

There are four ways of fighting each Cup outside of the Preliminaries. Initially, only the first one will be available. You can activate the other modes by finishing that particular cup in the previous mode:

Together: Sora, Donald and Goofy team up and fight one group of opponents after the other.

Alone, just Sora: After having won the Together mode, you can have Sora enter this tournament alone.

Set time limit: After having won the Alone mode, you can set a time limit of 3 minutes for Sora, Donald and Goofy to defeat all enemy teams (20 minutes for the Hades Cup).

Choose opponent: After having won the Time mode, you can choose an enemy team directly. Following this battle, your party will automatically be returned to the Lobby.

Defeated – What Next?

Each round that Sora wins improves his ranking in the current tournament. For example, your party is ranked 10th at the beginning of the Phil Cup. If you defeat the first enemy team, your rank then becomes 9th. After winning a Cup, your party will rank 1st. You will fight opponents of specific ranks depending on your own ranking. An example: Sora has battled his way to 34th place and is defeated by the team seeded 33rd. The next time you enter the Cup, you will be able to start from either the 49th or 39th seed, and so on for every tenth seed. Therefore, even though the Hades Cup is considerably longer than any others, you will still progress at the same rate.

Go for Gold

You will receive valuable prizes on first winning each of the tournaments. If you re-enter the same tournament after having won it, you will unlock additional modes, but no items. Defeating certain teams within a tournament will also be rewarded with prizes.

Prizes for Defeating Specific Opponents

Cup: Hercules

Opponent: Cloud

Ranking: 4

Prize: Metal Chocobo

Cup: Hades

Opponent: Yuffie

Ranking: 44

Prize: Genji Shield

Cup: Hades

Opponent: Behemoth

Ranking: 40

Prize: Power of ice

Cup: Hades

Opponent: Cerberus

Ranking: 30

Prize: Power of thunder

Cup: Hades

Opponent: Cloud & Leon

Ranking: 20

Prize: Lionheart

Cup: Hades

Opponent: Hades

Ranking: 10

Prize: Power of stars + Ansem’s Report 8

Prizes for Winning the Cups

Cup: Phil

Together: Power of stars

Alone: Mythril Shard

Time Limit: AP Up

Cup: Pegasus

Together: Strike Raid

Alone: Mythril

Time Limit: Defense Up

Cup: Hercules

Together: Herc’s Sheild

Alone: Orichalcum

Time Limit: Power Up

Cup: Hades

Together: Trinity Limit

Alone: Save the Queen

Time Limit: Save the King

Useful Battle Tips

Attack immediately: Your opponents will stand close together at the beginning of the round. Quickly run towards them and unleash a combo to hit as many adversaries as possible. Depending on your MP and recover items, Thunder and Blizzard spells can also prove very effective.

Use the Attack command: As a rule, you should execute regular combos, preferably while jumping in order to skip the recovery stage. Save your MP to heal your party members and, if need be, to cast spells against fast opponents that are difficult to hit, such as Red Nocturne.

Heal your characters with magic: Keep an eye on your HP and heal Sora in advance with Cure magic: depending on the opponent, receiving a blow during the preparatory stage of a spell can be lethal. Attacking will fill your Charge gauge, which in turn restores your MP. You should still nevertheless ensure that Sora has items for restoring MP at hand.

Use the break between rounds: After you have defeated the last opponent, a few seconds will elapse before the next round begins. Use this brief period to heal your characters.

Alone, just Sora: Keep an eye on Sora’s HP in this mode, as he fights on his own. Heal him in time with Cure magic.

Set time limit: You can drain several opponents’ HP with Gravity, Blizzard, or Thunder magic. Execute special attacks such as Ars Arcanum or Strike Raid against stronger opponents to finish them off as quickly as possible.

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Phil Cup

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Hercules Cup

Hades Cup

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