Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Interviews [Obsolete] Brief Nomura Notes (GanGan)

Five main characters will appear in Kingdom Hearts 2, These include Sora, the three unidentified youths appearing in the preview trailer, and presumably the blonde haired boy.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

-The story is great fun! Disney couldn’t believe it! *laugh*
-The identity and purpose of the black hooded men will become clearer through CoM.
-Sora’s quest is set in Castle Oblivion.

Kingdom Hearts 2
-Takes place 1 year after CoM.
-There is a trick behind Sora’s change in clothes. You’ll be very surprised!
-Whether Riku and Kairi will appear?…. Why don’t you wait and see.
-Including Auron, five new FF characters have been chosen to appear.
-Auron is younger than in his original installment (FFX)