Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Interviews 358/2 Days (Famitsu Interview)

Is the beginning of 358/2 Days going to focus on Roxas’ birth?
Nomura: The part of his birth will be started as the Prologue, however, the game really starts from when he enters Organization XIII.

Will this game have an already foreseeable ending, as Crisis Core had?
Nomura: Where do you think the end is? The point in Days is not in reaching the end, but in experiencing how did things get to where it ended, for Roxas to leave the Organization? The detail of that will be in this game.

Does the progress of the story revolve around going through Disney Worlds, just like in previous Kingdom Hearts games?
Nomura: It’s not entirely a story that progresses by going to other worlds, but stories will be progressing.

Is the 14th member a new character of the KH Series? It appears as though the character is…a woman?
Nomura: I should bring it up now, that the XIV member is not Namine, since some people believed it to be Namine by seeing the trailer. However, it will be explained as to why there’s no pillar (in the Organization “white room”) for this character, as well as why she never appeared in Kingdom Hearts 2.

In the trailer, we see 4 different playable characters simultaneously, is this possible?
Nomura: The Multiplayer can be done with 4 people, or less. Not only is it a feeling of Multiplayer, it gives a feeling of freedom as well, because multiplayer mode will have no relation to the story of the game. It is possible to choose less then four characters for the multiplayer content.

How does one progress in Mutliplayer?
Nomura: The point is to basically beat a given Mission. For instance, defeating an enemy or whatever the aim of the goal is. The mission purposes range from minor implications to significant motives. There is a strong competitive feeling for Mutliplayer so sometimes the players may forget what the point of the goal is.

Is multiplayer mode possible for one player only?
Nomura: This volume with Multiplayer mode, was rather messy, so we had to design a growth Leveling up system. For example, when Axel is used in Multiplayer mode, Roxas will gain some extra experience from this. Also you are able to customize your character freely. (He didn’t go into detail about this last point)