Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Interviews Birth by Sleep (Famitsu Interview) October 2007

Translated by KH-Vids
Presenting: Tetsuya Nomura (Kingdom Hearts), Yasushi Kurosaw (FFXI) and Yoichi Yoshimoto (Brave Fencer Musashi)

The development team from Kingdom Hearts RE:Chain of Memories (the team in Osaka) is handling BBS as well.
Nomura: Development for BBS started quite early, actually; however, due to RE:COM needing a lot of improvement, the production of BBS was interupted.

Then we can consider it possible that the secret movie of KH2FM+ will play an important role in BBS?
Nomura: Yes

So does this take place before the first Kingdom Hearts game?
Nomura: Yes, however it does’nt start immediately before Kingdom Hearts.

Is there a representation to the name of Terra, and the other characters?
Nomura: In the origin of the names, Earth is Terra, as Wind is Ven. However the real name of Ven is “loner”, this is just an alias.

The figure and age of the old man who is called Master Xehanort, is different from the Xehanort of Kingdom Hearts II–what could this mean? Also, what is the relationship with the person who looks just like Roxas?
Nomura: There is a mystery to who each character is in the story which I can not reveal right now.

Is the master who taught the three from the current series?
Nomura: I can’t say.

The story will advance around these three people?
Nomura: Yes, it is also pretty complex in this game, and can become very serious. Watanabe, who took care of the scenarios, is skillful in this. Also, he is supervising some of the scenarios of the other two titles. This game will be a bit challenging since it will feature the aspect of three people.