Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Interviews Coded (Famitsu Interview)

The screen is horizontal, even though the game is for the cellphone, why is this?
Nomura: This is not just defining the length of the screen but also a model screen specification for the most recent cellphones. It is what we assume the game to look like when it’s released to the public. The method for the horizontal screen has already been talked about; it is a basic horizontal screen size.

Is the screen in 3D or are we just given that impression?
Nomura: The background is 3D, and the characters are 2D. The development of this game is still in progress, and we plan to have the game in both 3D, and 2D. The reason is so that we can have the game available to a range of cellphones. The reason we developed this idea, is because we wish to send this game overseas.

What shape will the delivery form take?
Nomura: Unlike the situations in the development of a larger game , we always thought the world of Kingdom Hearts could be made mobile. Think of it as a huge amusement park, and the main attraction is Kingdom Hearts Coded. It can be like an entrance to an amusement park, free of charge, allowing you to visit each world. That is the delivery plan of Coded. We plan on taking full advantage of the mobile phone.

Will the storyline be based on Sora’s adventures in Kingdom Hearts?
Nomura: The timeline is based on after Kingdom Hearts II. Jiminy’s Journal is analyzed, and the adventure will take place in that (jounral). Therefore, data of Sora will appear, but not Sora himself. The world that was shown was a stage, though this was through the time of COM, and re:COM covers the memory of Sora.

What will this game be able to do?
Nomura: This is going to be a puzzle game, mixed with action. Data is being displayed, and there are some bugs in Jiminy’s book. The area must be analyzed in order to find the bug that is corrupting the data, and then you need to remove the bug. However some may get a bit more confusing as there will be ladders Sora will use to get to higher areas.

When do you think this game will be released?
Nomura: You may have to wait a while, as there are still some problems with the specs of cellphones for now. However we are not asking you to wait for 2, or 3 years.

Will these works be connected with the “new” KH game?
Nomura: Coded features Sora, however the DS, and PSP both are completely different stories, though I cannot say what they are yet. I can say these titles are not the last of the series, and all three will connect to a new Kingdom Hearts game sooner or later.