Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Interviews Coded (Famitsu Interview) October 2007

Interview translated by KH-Vids
Guests: Tetsuya Nomura (Kingdom Hearts), Hajime Tabata (FFXII Agito)

What will the quality of the cellphone game will be? Will it be the same as the other two games?
Tabata: We plan on getting the game on par with Final Fantasy Agito XIII, however, there’s still some thinking around that.

What is the concept of this game?
Nomura: I wanted to make this like a playground for fans. Like Disneyland where there are many attractions for people. I wish to do the same, but with content instead.
Tabata: Actually to start it off, Nomura was drunk at midnight (oh god) and began to explain the idea, with the help of the whiteboard and the KH contents for the mobile phone. There was a lot of planning going on night.
Nomura: It wasn’t even thought about as being part of the Kingdom Hearts series then, however, (we end up thinking that) whenever there’s a plan for the game, it’s best to start from story.
Tabata: At first the plan seemed terrible, but at the same time interesting. After all, Kingdom Hearts is special.
Nomura: We thought about various elements that could be added into the story to help extend the game. Such as in Before Crisis FFVII, and Monotone there was a new battle system, as well as chapters to help work the system, and the game. We might make it the same for Kingdom Hearts Coded.

Are there big plans for this game? Since the setting of it takes place after Kingdom Hearts II.
Nomura: Yes, however, I should point out that Sora from Kingdom Hearts, is only appearing in those (KHI) clothes because Jiminy Journal is taking data from the very beginning. Therefore, the Sora is not the original, but a data copy. The memory is also erased from Sora, and he has to go through his adventures again to solve the mystery of the Data bugs.

Then this means they can enjoy adventuring with Sora, without worrying about a change in personality from the original Sora. Will there be a developing story in the real world too?
Nomura: At first I wasn’t sure, but I believe events in the real world will be talked about as well. There is also a story in development about the real world as well, which will be done for the user.

There was an (original) adventure in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, will the Data World be following Kingdom Hearts series as well?
Nomura: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, was created to relive the worlds created by Sora’s Memory. This game differs from Chain of Memories, as there will be a brand new story, since the bug has corrupted the data. Questions will be answered, such as where the King had gone, and also what Riku has been doing.

In Jiminy Journal, it’s said, “We must return to free them from their torment” who is ‘Them’? Are they characters we’ve seen before in previous Kingdom Hearts games?
Nomura: I can not tell you now. Actually it’s not even possible to really explain it yet as it is about the true enemy of the game. Even though there are heartless in the game that are made out of data, they are not the real cause.

How does the fighting system work?
Tabata: Kingdom Hearts’ button layout makes it simple to recreate it for the cellphone, and it will have that same combat feel; however, at the same time, I will be putting in new elements. One example is the “Debugging Mode” which was created to eliminate the bug.

Will you be using any other elements that might make use of telecomunication services?
Tabata: I will, such as being able to go in the world of the player. What I mean is that, it’s possible to intefere with other players, as they all share the world together. An example being that if there is trouble in the world of Player B, I can go there and help them solve the bug, and then return to the world of Player A.

The invasions of the bug is one thing, will there be other problems within the game for Sora to solve?
Tabata: It is likely to be the first aspect of the problem, and is also one of the concepts of the game. There may be other problems as well, but you’ll have to wait to find out what they are.

Will just about anyone be able to enjoy this?
Tabata: The Kingdom Hearts series became a game for people who played the series before and can go on to understand the next one. Yet, I believe people who haven’t even touched the Kingdom Hearts can play this game for the first time and enjoy it.
Nomura: I will be preparing the playground for people to enjoy the game. I think everyone should look forward to the day it is released. (Laughs)