Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts Comic-Con: KH2 Report


The Land of Dragons (Boss Battle)

From the start of the battle Sora, Goofy, and Mulan are on top of the dragon, in which you target the monster’s horns and attack it. There are several reaction commands that are used during the battle. One is you can hang on to one of the horns while the dragons twists and turns trying to knock you off. Pressing triangle again will have Sora letting go. If you do get knocked off, the dragon will create mini whirlwind that you can ride on by pressing triangle (Ride the Whirlwind) and pressing triangle again (Soar) to elevate you back on the dragon. Another reaction command is called “Slide”, when the dragon tries to crash into Sora, Sora will slide underneath him and attack the bottom of the dragon sending him upward and crashing down while Sora poses for the camera. The only problems for this fight would be the camera, the camera tends to stay close to Sora a lot especially if the you are near the dragon. It also makes it difficult to use the whirlwind.

The Land of Dragons (Mission Battle)

You start off in a small village that is overrun by different heartless. From there you make your way to the mountainside fighting the dusk/nobodies. The reaction command against the dusk is called Power Pivot in which Sora quickly moves behind then for a strike. Another is called Speed Trap which Sora spins his Keyblades in a helicopter motion. Moving upward and a cutscene is triggered (it shows Shan Yu commanding a swarm of bee like Heartless at you) then you must fight for 2 minutes trying to stay alive against the heartless. Once you successfully do, it shows a cutscene of Mulan firing a rocket at the mountain side causing an avalanche. After that the demo ends.

Olympus Coliseum (Boss Battle)

The level starts off with Sora and Auron getting ready to do battle against Cerberus. Here you can try out the combo attack called “Bushido” in which Sora and Auron clash their weapons together in which then you have to press triangle during series of Aurons attacks (Bushido blade, Shooting star,) in which if you successfully do, the last attack (Spiral) shows Sora and Auron throwing their weapons that create a huge whirlwind. The reaction command against Cerberus shows Sora getting in between Cerberus’s heads while the middle hit tries to attack him, pressing triangle will have Sora lodge his keyblade between Cerberus’s teeth, pressing triangle again will launch Sora again in the to execute the final attack (Doggy Paddle) in which it knocks down and stuns Cerberus enabling you for an open attack. Strange thing about this battle is that Goofy is not present but you are able to use Valor form in this fight.

Olympus Coliseum (Mission Battle)

This demo starts out with Sora, Donald, Goofy and Auron running from Hades, in which he catches up to them. Hades goes into his berserk mode (he’s invincible too) and sends a number of heartless after you as well as firing huge fireballs. The goal is to defeat the amount of heartless in one spot before the barrier breaks down and you move on to another while repeating the same process. A reaction command can be used on the hook bats in which Sora uses his Keyblades to hook on the hook allowing him to swing across the battle field. Once you make it to the exit you are taken to a cave. From the entrance you see a treasure chest which you open with triangle, inside the chest is a map of the area (think of the Zelda games). From there you move on to another area featuring more heartless and another treasure with an elixir and more heartless. When you exit that area you start the battle with Cerberus (see above). Then the demo ends.


* During the demo, you can skip the cutscenes, which should say they’ll be in the final production.

* The triangle button (also known as the reaction button) has other uses other than in battles (i.e. Open chests).

* While in Drive mode, Sora can’t cast magic.

* Drive bar maxes at 3 when in normal mode, once it’s activated, it starts at 5.

* When not attacking in Drive, the bar slowly drains, whenever you attack and defeat enemies, the bar quickly drops.

* Items now stack instead of having them as individual items in your inventory.

* Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder’s animations are all changed. Sora will create flames around him when using fire, thunder now can juggle the enemies, and blizzards shoots out faster.

* The shortcut menu will now feature the X button (in the demo it was to use potions).

* There are two menus the main one featuring: Attack, Magic, Items, and ? (? is replaced with Bushido if Auron is in your party). Pressing left on the dpad reveals another menu featuring: Attack, ? , Party, Drive.

* Pointing the left analog stick in different directions in valor forms changes the final combo attack.

* You need to find maps for each part you’re in inside the chests (think Zelda games).

* There’s now a Next level meter in the upper left hand corner which it tells you how close you are to leveling.

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