Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts Jump Festa: KH2 Report



The title screen has changed to the Santa Sora picture, which was a bit surprising to see.

Agrabah (Mission Battle)

Agrabah (Boss Stage)

Halloween Town (Mission Battle)

Olympus Coliseum (Boss Stage)

2 Gummi Ship Stages

Gummi Ship Impressions

– There are techniques where you’ll have to use a special command and combo buttons.

– In the special command, a single attack and the combo are the continuous attack techniques.

– You must confirm the technique name in order to hit the enemy.

Cave of Wonders & Agrabah’s Street

Cave of Wonders doesn’t need explanation since it’s been done to death.

There’s a huge cutscene for Agrabah’s street. I can only tell you that it involves: Iago, Sora’s arrival, heartless, and items being dropped onto heartless.

You must find a map. You have the possibility of hesitating if you don’t see it.

Some accessories in this level include: “Drive Recovery”, “Ability Band”, AP up, and Mythril Shard.

The level ends with the fate of Iago.

Halloween / Christmas Town

A cutscene that involves Sora and Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington walks through the forest to find the trees that contain the holiday symbols on each door. Other scenes involve Santa Claus, heartless & Maleficent.

Battle Specs

– Co-op move with Jack: “Downbeat” and “Upbeat” > “Dance time” > “Finale”

– The first stage isn’t remembered clearly. It’s best to use the co-op when surrounded by the enemies.

– Another scene where it focuses around the fountain in the main town square area.

– Through drive, Sora’s Halloween mask changes instead of the color of his clothes.

Agrabah Boss Battle

A cutscene that involves Pete, Iago and the lamp.

Other cutscenes involving the red gem from the Cave of Wonders and Sora sealing a keyhole.

– You need the “Lamp charm” item in order to summon Genie.

Battle Specs

-Special command confirmation-

1) Heartless in blue color. Use Blizzaga.

2) Heartless in red color. Use Firaga.

Olympus Coliseum Battle

– We see a cutscene involving a depressed rejected disqualified Hercules and Sora trying to encourage him.

– Hydra appears breaking the Coliseum walls.

– To attack Hydra, wait until its head is low so it’s easier to attack. Sora will use a special command to move while attacking. Soon, Hydra will faint so continue attacking. Knocking him out may not be very effective as it may seem. Suddenly, Hydra gets back up with all eight of his heads. You’ll now have to attack riding Pegasus because your target is still high.

Battle Specs

– You must use “Panic” immediately before Hydra’s HP is lost. Large damage can be made quickly because of this attack and it’s quicker to make Hydra faint.

– When Hydra falls to the ground, Phil will throw you a barrel from a long distance. Throw the barrel on Hydra’s back.

– When Hydra gets back up, use “Pegasus Ride”. Pegasus will take you to Hydra’s head. You must use a special “fight” command between the two.

– When the target position is too high, then it’s unfavorable to attack.

– It is delirious when you use a hitting technique and its single minded used. You must use a careful method of attacking or you’ll be a dead duck.

– The blogger considered Phil throwing the barrel out somewhere, painful somehow.

– Ends with a cutscene of Phil and Sora.

Gummi Ship Battles

– There is noticable heartless.

– When you get attacked on both sides, you can’t collect recovery.

– The gummi ship battles are better than before.

– It was possible to hear Chip and Dale speaking.

– When an enemy approaches, Chip or Dale notes: “It is dangerous”.

– Something about Sora and being glad.

Extra Notes

– The drive gauge is usually in 3 bars, but when it’s in use it changes to 5.

– The “Special rule” might be this. The Wisdom form can’t be used when there is no Donald and Goofy.

– The Moogle shops were confirmed in Agrabah and Halloween Town. There are item buying, selling, and synthesis that can be useful on any world.

– There is an amusing story when you’re in Agrabah. Please talk to Donald or Goofy when in front of the “rampart”.

– The limit gauge appears when a co-op technique is used. The co-op stops when making it to the color.

– The magic for “Heal” is confirmed. The message might not take into effect. There is a lot of MP consumption for a moment.

– You were able to summon Chicken Little near the water fountain in Halloween Town. When the command on the menu changes and is selected, Chicken Little is summoned. Chicken Little attacks using “Pitching” and “Cracker” aiming at heartless using lock-on.

– The color of the synthetic material that enemies drop are red and white. It hasn’t changed much.


“Passion (Orchestral Ver.)” begins to play.

*Unknown sitting on the rock, talking to GEU*

???: Wait, you’ve met him. You look just like him. And what about you? Do you remember your name?

Kingdom Hearts II

You first see Hollow Bastion, and there is a scene where Sora is fighting.

Then there is a scene where you see Sora and Riku (KH CoM Image)

Namine says something to Sora and Sora has something dark happen to his eye, but Namine helps by giving him a capsule of some sort.

They are in the room with all the ice, and the room turns dark. Then Sora changes into the BHK, and then the BHK goes crazy like that one scene on the previous trailer.

DD comes onto the screen, then a colossal Nobody gets defeated. Then Namine arrives form the darkness and shows the BHK.

BHK: Why did the Keyblade chose me? I want to believe it.

Namine: You and Sora are intertwined, in order for Sora to be complete, you are nessecary.

BHK: But why?

Then moves to an unknown location

DiZ: Well then, its time to start. First, lets begin with Namine, get ready, Ansem.

Goes to Ansem, which looks to be ready for something.

Then, to goes to Namine and BHK, and then the black gate appears.

Namine: No! You haven’t changed! You are who you are.

BHK: I changed?

Then the scene goes to Beast’s Castle

Sora: What are your plans?!

Xaldin: Kingdom Hearts

Xaldin: Once we obtain Kingdom Hearts, we will become complete beings.

The goes to an Unknown scene, (or writer forgot what happened.)

Sora: Where is Riku! Where is Kairi!

Hollow Bastion Scene

Mickey: I will not forgive you!

Then takes of his Org. robes, and gets his Keyblade out.

“Another Side” begins to play.

Then there is a scene were the XIII Order is seen.

*Light and Darkness were made, and we are the ones who made them*

Deep Dive world, and the DWU and Blindfolded Riku and there.

DWU runs up the building, and throws Oblivion to Riku, and he catches it.

“Passion opening version” begins to play.

From the darkness, Sora appears

Sora: Kairi…

Destiny Island appears

Kairi: Definitely, waiting isn’t a waste.

Axel: That is correct. That dream is something that you yourself wants to pursue. Inside yourself is where that dream lives. That is a rule of living beings.

Kairi: Who are you?

Axel: Axel, I am an acquaintance of Sora. I am heading to Sora’s direction.

Kairi: Sora…?

The following are shown:

Cloud vs Sephiroth

Leon & Aerith



Seifer, Fuu, Rai & Vivi


Yuna, Rikku & Paine


Flames are made by Axel’s weapons, and inside are both Axel and the BHK.

Axel: Come! I’m ready for ya!

Reaction Commands, “Run Up” and “Clear”

There is a huge Heart about the size of the Moon, Kairi and Namine have no idea who eachother are, then there is a fainting pose

Then you see Sora & Co. confronting this HUGE WIND.

Then there is a scene with a large Nobody.

Then inside the great heart, the shadow of a person appears.

Ansem has no idea of who it is.

In the Deep Dive World, Riku and Sora are both fighting some kind of darkness

Sora begins to protect Riku, then attacks Heartless that are coming from above.

There is a Reaction Command called “Retreat”

The command creates the Logo Heart, then the command does this big attack.

Then, the same commands are used when fighting Xigbar.

Sora then enters this portal, is it the World of Darkness?

Sora: Riku… Riku is here…