Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts KH: Premiere Party Report

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The event took place at "Pacifico Yokohama" on Thrusday 26th and
Friday 27th August, during both day’s you could attend either AM or PM. Your
ticket was divided into 3 sections, one part was to gain entry to the event,
the second part was to be used at the exit where you leave the event and you
would get given a free goodie bag that says "Kingdom Hearts Premiere Party"
and inside it there’s a black denim pouch with Kingdom Hearts written
on it, and a random collectors card that will start Tickets - Click To Enlargeselling
in Japan along with others starting October 2004. The third and final part of
the ticket was to be given in the Disney store near the event, so if you buy
something and present the ticket you got a Kingdom Hearts fan.

Inside the event the first thing you see is a statue of Sora from KH and KHII
and to both sides there was artwork exhibitions. Further on, to the right you
could get in line to play KH:CoM, which was divided between Agrabah and Olympus
Coliseum; and to the left you can see all the PS2’s with KHII, which was divided
between Beast`s Castle and Olympus Coliseum. To the bottom was a stage for the
show (which i’ll describe shortly), also near the entrance there was a TOMY
shop that sells KH figures and had a display for the collectors cards that will
start selling in October. Next to the TOMY shop was the SQUAREENIX shop with
T-shirts and goods from KH like Sora´s silver necklace, Kairi´s
Statues - Click To Enlarge
pendant, Keyblade key holder etc.

Now onto what happened at the stage show, the event started with the opening
from KH in the background and then a white dressed hostess appeared and started
talking, then pirates appear (from Neverland) and attack her, so Sora and Co.
come and try to save her, but they can´t and the hostess kicks the pirates
Talking… and then “Sora and Co.” get offstage to shake hands
and meet the public, (always with KH music in the background, when the pirates
appear, Neverland battle music, when they´re with the public, world map
music.) Overall the show was around 20 minutes long. Depending on your ticket
you could attend the show at different times during the day:

1. – Statring 11AM; 11:30-11:50 and 13:00-13:20
2. – Starting 3PM; 15:30-15:50 and 17:00-17:20

Following on, i’ll now talk about the Demo’s for KH:COM and KH:II, including
both new trailers that where shown during the event.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories (Demo)

When you arrive “Agrabah” world and animation appears like
when you first get to that world in KH, Aladdin is fighting against some Shadows
and you try to help him, but he uses Genie before that and gets rid of them.
You talk with him and then you can New Heartless - Click To Enlargemove.
There are a lot of heartless around and if you get even in touch with one you
go to the battle screen, for example, even if you get into contact with 1 Red
Nocturne, inside battle there will be Red Nocturnes, Bandits, Fat Bandits, Shadows
etc.. that will keep appearing out of nowhere until you complete the battle.
You can hang on cliffs but most of the time it isn’t necessary as there
are some sprinting things that will make you fly really high.
Also it seems in battle you can get stuck between enemies really easy so there
is an “unstucking” system or something, it only happened to me once.
You can keep using cards all you want but if the enemy decides to use a card
and you use a weaker card the word “Card Break” will appear above
your head and all the screen will turn blurry and you will be stunned for a
There’s also “Guard” that works for when example you use a
keyblade card in front of a Large Body heartless.

Olympus Coliseum…
When you first get in you read a sign about a new tournament called the
“Survival Tournament”, and you talk to Hercules then you can move.
If you press select you can see the map of the area, the map will always be
the same, the only things that changes with cards is the layout of the room.
Also to get into secret rooms you’ll need to advance in the story to gain special
cards that you win in battle or get by breaking barrels and searching around.
The menu seemed really complex and heavy even with only 3 (of around 7) options
available, you can check your cards and can shape decks, also see all special
combinations you have made like Fire+Fire “Fira” and “Sonic
Rave”.Concept Art - Click To Enlarge
In battle there´s also a meter to restock your cards and you need to just
keep pressing the A button, after that the cards in the corner will shuffle
and a number will appear below saying how many cards are being added, meanwhile
you can´t perform card actions (only walk, run and jump). Also after you
use a card to open a door you can´t use a card again in the same door.
After getting my first special card, I got into a room with Phil inside then
my time ended.

KH:COM Trailer:

The trailer was shown at the same place where you could view the show, during
the trailer you could see Sora fighting against Maleficent Dragon and Hades
at the Olympus Coliseum, and also against Axel in Castle Oblivion. Also you
could see Namine and Riku in his heartless suit and a Silver Haired Unknown
(whose hair looked a little bit longer and slightly less straight). Most suprising
of all though was the end cutscene of the trailer where you could see Riku in
an Unknown Outfit (It looked like his face from KH1 slapped on a slightly smaller
Unknown outfit) walking with Mickey in an Unknown outfit. We seem them both
walking towards the Unknown in the red suit who was waiting for them both.

Kingdom Hearts 2 (Demo)

Just like at the start of Kingdom Hearts were Sora appears with a fish bone
in his mouth (Main Menu), in KHII Sora is in his new outfit with a half eaten
blue popsicle in his mouth that is melting. (in his mouth is only the stick
of the part he has eaten and in the middle is the rest of the candy dripping).

Beast´s Castle…
At the start it appears the words “Beast´s Castle” appear
and then we see a rose and all of it’s petals start falling.
Sora and co. then enter the castle and start talking, then they see a Shadow
heartless enter a room and proceed throughout the Dusk - Click To Enlargecastle,
so they follow him, in the next room more Shadows appears but Beast appears
and kills them.
Beast then approachs the gang and Sora says “It has been a while”.

But then Beast hits Sora to the floor! (because Beast does not remember who
they are), Beast takes the rose that was in the room and goes away. Then you
meet Belle and she runs up and hugs Donald tightly saying "You Came!"
Belle then explains that Beast has imprisoned the entire castle’s staff in a
dungeon. Belle is obviously concerned and pretty scared, which leads Sora to
offer help. Then you head to the prison and talk to the dresser (the only member
of staff not locked up) who tell’s them where the staff are located. After some
further exploring, the demo end’s with battling a boss who prevents you from
entering a door

Olympus Coliseum…
The opening animation is the same but after the sword slashes a black cloud
with 2 evil eyes appear below the “Olympus Coliseum” words. During
the demo we see Hades trying to yet again get rid of Hercules, this time he
summons Auron by reaching out his hands and firing 2 fireballs. When Auron appears
he refuses to help Hades and tries to kill him but Hades stops Auron`s sword
with 1 hand, then we see Sora and Co. comes in and Hades is really surprised
and shouts "You!", as Hades is distracted Auron used the oportunity
to try and kill him again but Hades teleports just in time.

Then Auron, Sora, Donald and Goofy argue who is going to fight against Hades
so they all fight each other but after one hit, Sora & Co. end up on the
ground. Next, because of the fact there in the Underworld, everyone decides
to run for it. Then when Blondie's Awakening Boss - Click To Enlargeoutside
you see a bunch of heartless and Hades in "Heat" (can’t hurt him)
mode, so before you go any further you have to kill all the heartless that he

Everyone then continues to flee until Sora find’s a keyhole, he then opens
it and everyone jumps inside. But then Hades sends Cerebus to kill Auron, Sora,
Donald and Goofy. As Cerebus attacks Auron stops it’s fangs with his sword,
Sora & Co. go on to escape but then have a change of heart and decide to
help Auron instead, Donald and Goofy try to do the same but are prevented by
an invisible barrier (sound familar?). The Demo then end’s in a Epic battle
with Sora & Auron facing Cerebus.

New Features:

The biggest new feature worth mentioning is the ability to merge with another
party member, in the demo you could only do this Stage Show - Click To Enlargewith
Goofy. Basically when the Drive bar is full you’ll merge with a party member
of your choice, giving you a new costume, 2 keyblades (maybe not, the other
could be a sword) and a variety of new moves. When you select an ability in
the Drive sub menu Sora goes trough a little "transform" animation
where he floats in the air and is inside a sphere of hexagonal "things"
that breaks (really fast animation), then he has limited time in his "Drive"
mode, the yellow trance bar becomes gray with a 5 next to it and starts decreasing,
when it finishes it shines in red and becomes 4 and so until 0 where Sora returns
to normal.

KH2 Trailer:

Nothing to shocking, 2 more worlds were revealed: Agrabah and Mulan and also
we see Mickey’s arch enemy Pete appear in the Coliseum and Agrabah. Also you
see Jasmine talking to Sora and him fighting a bunch of heartless in the Palace


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