Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts KH2 Promotional Trailer #1 Transcript



Blonde Haired Kid: I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately. Like, is any of this for real or not?

Namine: You and Sora are connected. And, you are required in order for Sora to return to his original complete self.

???: Do you sense Sora?

Kairi: Riku, I, and that boy, we were playing happily on that island. But, his voice… It’s left me.

Yensid: Ye who has been chosen by the Keyblade, you are the key to open the door of light.

Pete: Who are you?!

Winnie The Pooh: Hello, somebody from somewhere.

Genie: I know you want to see Mr Genie’s magic!

Jack Skellington: Happy Christmas!

Sora: Simba! Wait!

Auron: This is my story!

Ursula: What ugly figure shall I change you into?

Mulan: This is the end!

Axel: I’ll see you again after my/their/your rebirth.

Barbossa: … even if some Heartless will remain.

Yuffie: Watch out!

Sora: What is your objective?

???: Kingdom Hearts.

Luxord: Sora, thanks for your trouble.

???: The heart is wrapped in darkness, soon to rejoin Kingdom Hearts…

Xaldin: When we obtain Kingdom Hearts, we will become complete beings.

Mickey Mouse: I won’t forgive you!

Sora: Maybe our journey meant nothing after all… If I can’t use the Keyblade, then what am I supposed to do?

???: What is your objective?

DiZ: Revenge.

Namine: It’s a promise!

???: Riku… and the King disappeared.

Sora: Please! Let me into the world of darkness!