Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts Square Enix Party Report


The Square-Enix Party went off with a bang! Huge announcements, new trailers,
new demos you’re going to wish you paid up for a plane ticket to the
land of the rising sun!


First off some of the biggest news came out of Square’s press conference
in the main hall. Final Fantasy XII was announced to be released on March
16, 2006. This comes to
us as no surprise that this game has been delayed, but it really makes you
wonder what they’re thinking… Another big surprise was the announcement
of the Final Fantasy XII theme song “Kiss Me Goodbye”, but not
only that, it was performed live by Japanese and American popstar Angela
Aki! It had an epic feel and was more impressive than the other Final Fantasy

After the performance we headed to see the booth where Tetsuya Nomura’s
team showed off their latest projects. To our surprise (and dismay) it had
the longest line in the entire Chiba center. After an hour of sitting ,waiting,
and trying to make conversation with the
Japanese gaming community(we got nowhere I might add) we finally got into
the theater where the lengthy presentation was. The longest trailer there
was the one for Kingdom Hearts II (we have the trailer script at the bottom
of the report) it was clocked at a staggering eight and a half minutes!!!
Thankfully there were subtitles… The Final Fantasy VII Compilation
seemed to a have a few repeated clips, but the Advent Children trailer  seemed
to have a bit too many spoiling scenes.

Overall this Party was pretty impressive, even bigger than the Kingdom Hearts
Premire Party last year. We here at KHUltimania hope Square makes this a
yearly event.


Demo Report


Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II is, unsurprisingly, becoming an epic experience that should
be a fine successor to the original. The levels we played were well done
but didn’t approach some of the madness we’ve seen in the trailers, which
leaves us hopeful that the best is yet to come. As it stands now, the visuals
are strong, the gameplay is solid and addictive, and the Disney content is
looking top-notch. Our only nitpicking concern is the camera, which is still
hairy in places, but other than that, Kingdom Hearts II seems poised to surpass
its predecessor on just about every level.

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

Our early playtest of Dirge of Cerberus has certainly left us intrigued
to see more. We’re very curious to see how all the single-player and online
multiplayer pieces fall together. The bits we’ve played so far have been
interesting and do a fine job of creating a serviceable shooter experience.
We’re just hoping for the "special" to be added to the mix in order
for it to live up to the FF7 name and our own expectations. Dirge of Cerberus
is currently slated to ship this fall for the PlayStation 2.


Final Fantasy XII

Based on our small sampling of Square’s next Final Fantasy, we’ll definitely
say we’re intrigued by the direction development is headed. The revamped
fighting system and core mechanics are an interesting approach we’re anxious
to see more of. Final Fantasy XII is currently slated to release in March
2006 in Japan, with a US release to follow a few months after. And after
Angela Aki’s incredible performance we really want to hear more of
the music.


As the poem about darkness plays, the background is largely consisted of sounds suggesting darkness, as well as a BGM that encourages this feeling.

Then the BGM switches to Hikari.

As the words 2002 March appear, the trailer for KH appears for a few seconds.

As the words 2002 December appear, the trailer for KH Final Mix appears for a few seconds.

As the words 2004 November appear, the trailer for KH CoM appears for a few seconds.

The music stops and a new theme begins to play. (Not Passion)

DiZ and, supposedly, the Enigmatic Man, speak alone in a room (some sort of hi-tech room)

DiZ: When Namine’ took over the memories, it seems that she might have gotten a hold over Sora.

EM: Namine… what a strange child…

DiZ: Namine was born in a special way. She can interfere with the hearts and memories of Sora and those who are connected with him.

EM: Who’s Nobody is Namine?(?What Nobody does Namine’ control?)

DiZ: I wouldn’t mind finding out but tell me one thing: what is your real name?

In a back alley of Twilight Town, in front of a poster advertising a battle tournament.

Golden Haired Kid: So the decisive battle is up to you and me! Whoever wins, has to split the prize between all of us!

GHK and BHK give themselves five.

Black Haired Kid: Sounds good to me.

Girl: Good luck.

Twilight Town plain.

Seifer: The thing that was stolen was- evidience of you defeat. What did it burn? (He’s making fun of him for losing against Axel)

As he speaks, he walks out with Raijin and Fujin.

The BHK glares at him.

In the place of the Awakening, with BHK and the gigantic Nobody.

Namine (voice): You’re… you’re not meant to exist, really.

In Twilight Town where Axel and BHK are confronting each other.

DiZ appears.

Axel: So it was you.

He throws an emblazed Chakram (Axel’s Weapons) at him but it bounces off an invisible sheild DiZ created.

DiZ: This man’s words are meaningless.

In the place where Sora is sleeping in Castle Oblivion, BHK appears where DiZ is standing.

DiZ: Welcome, one chosen by the Keyblade…

BHK: Are you talking to me or to Sora?

DiZ: I am seeking the one who roams the World of Light, the one who can defeat the Thirteenth Order.

After BHK attacks DiZ the screen fades black.

And you hear DiZ say “Can you feel Sora?” (notice it is not “Can you feel, Sora?” because that would imply that BHK is Sora.)

In front of the altar of light in Disney Castle.

Minnie: This is the source of Light. But look. These thorns are created by a dark power.

As she is saying this, we see gigantic thorns cover the room’s walls. The light on the altar is weak too.

In an unknown place (Hollow Bastion?) Sword Heartless and Bot Heartless appear.

In Atlantica, Ariel is nursing a prince who has fallen over.

In Oogie’s Manor in Halloween Town:

Oogie: Thanks for reviving me!

In front of the palace in the Land of the Dragons:

Shan Yu stabs the emperor.

Shan Yu: It’s over.

Near the snowy mountain in the Land of the Dragons, a cloaked figure appears holding the Souleater.

In front of the palace walls in Agrabah, Sora and Jasmine recognize each other.

We see Agrabah and Jafar in his genie form.

Jafar: I’ll finish you all now!

He then throws a portion of the palace to Aladdin and Sora.

On the deck of the Black Pearl.

Goofy: Jack might be able to use the Keyblade too.

Donald: Why?

Goofy: Well, I get the feeling that Sora and Jack are alike.

Jack & Sora: No way!! (Same expression)

In the world of Steamboat Willie (everything is in black and white and drawn in an old fashioned way)

Sora is on the deck of the ship as it moves along the river.

In some room, Sora and Mickey shake hands. Then Mickey leaves.

In another place (maybe the shore):

Pete: You don’t happen to have seen a bad guy have you?

Donald, Goofy and Sora immediately point at him. Pete winces.

Beast’s room in his Castle:

Belle: But this Castle is full of roses already!

Beast: You just don’t understand anything!!! (he is furious)

Sora comes between Belle and Beast.

Sora: Beast! Stop! You’re just taking out your anger on her. Belle didn’t steal the rose.

In the dance hall of the beast castle.

A hooded Order member believed to be Xaldin summons Dragoon Nobodies.

Sora: The Thirteenth Order!

Beast: What are they?

Sora: The Thirteenth Order. There’s something called Nobodies, they are created when somebody with a strong heart becomes a Heartless, and those who control them are the Thirteenth Order.

In Christmas Town’s Santa Clause’s room:

Sora: I’m Sora!

Santa Clause: If I remember correctly Sora said 7 years ago that Santa didn’t exist.

Sora looks disappointed.

In a valley, close to where the Heartless were surrounding Sora, Heartless surround Cloud and Leon:

Leon: Think we can do it? Against that?

Cloud: Sure, but even if one more comes at us we may find are selves in a painful situation.

Leon: Then we’ll have to kill each one that appears!

In a place that resembles Hollow Bastion:

Sora: Where are you? Show yourself!

Enigmatic Man: The Keyblade… A truly wonderful power. Then again it depends on who the wielder is.

Sora: What?!

As the Enigmatic Man raises his hands, four other cloaked figures appear (It is believed to be the same group that appears in some of the earlier trailers)

In the world of the secret movies:

A cloaked figure appears in front of Sora and Co. and summons Nobody around them. The Nobody hold katana and drops fall from them.

Sora grips his Keyblade and runs, at the same time, the hooded figure does the same and prepares both his hands ready to strike. Just as they are about to collide, the screen blacks out.

Deep Dive world:

Riku (blindfolded with his arms held up in the air): This is the True World… if that is the case we might just let it fade into the Darkness.

Sora: Riku!


In Castle Oblivion

BHK: What ARE you Namine?

Namine: I am a witch who can control the memories of Sora and those who are close to him.

BHK: A witch?

In a bamboo forest in the Land of the Dragons.

Sora: Mushu! It’s been a while!

Mushu: Sora! Donald! Goofy!

Mulan: You know each other?

Mushu: A while ago we defeated bad guys together. I must have been a year…

On the deck of the Black Pearl taken over by Barbossa.

Jack has his hands bound and Barbossa also has some of his henchmen with him.

Jack: Barbossa! Give me my Black Pearl back!

Barbossa: The Black Pearl isn’t yours anymore.

In the PotC world, an old, white haired member of the Order was seen.

Ironically, he was also seen jumping around with youthful enthusiasm.

In a room on board the Back Pearl.

While looking at Elizabeth’s medallion:

Will: So it was me after all.

Near the entrance of Beast’s Castle.

As Xaldin is making his six lances appear.

Xaldin: Once we obtain Kingdom Hearts we shall become complete beings!

In the Underworld (uncertain):

Demyx appears holding his sitar in front of Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Fight scenes with Sora in his Wisdom Form.

Co-op Moves

Aladdin: Trickster

Beast: Final Roar

Auron: Shooting Star

Jack Sparrow: Death Bringer