Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Reports & Transcripts Tokyo Game Show: KH2 Trailer Transcript



Namine: You’re… you’re not meant to exist, really.

DiZ: So you came… the Keyblade’s Chosen One.

Blonde Haired Kid: Who are you saying that to? Me? Sora?

DiZ: What I need is a person who flies within the world of light and destroys the XIII Order.

Minnie: Welcome home!

Donald: This is Sora. He’s our friend!

Sora: Mushu! It’s been a while!

Sora: I’m called Sora!

Genie: I just loooove making people’s eyes pop out in amazement!

Jack Sparrow: Hey Barbossa! Give me my Black Pearl back!

Oogie Boogie: I appreciate this.

Shan-Yu: It’s over!

Leon: Can we do it? Against that?

Cloud: It might be difficult if there was just one more of them.

Sora: The XIII Order!

Beast: What is he?

Sora: The Thriteenth Order… There’s a thing called Nobodies that is created when a person with a strong heart becomes a Heartless. Those who control the Nobody are the XIII Order.

Xaldin: Once we obtain Kingdom Hearts we will become complete beings!

Enigmatic Man: The Keyblade… A truly wonderful power. The problem is the wielder…