Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Images

Vixen: "Well done! I suppose I cannot kill you so easily." Ariel: "Please! Don't tell anyone you met me!" Ursula: "My, my, this is quite a group!" Sora: "If you let us compete, you won't have to cancel the tournament. So, what do you say Phil?" Pooh: "I'm hungry, I want some honey!" Sora: "Yeah this is our island, the one we were on with Namine!" Sora: "Because i also feel like meeting my friends"

Screenshots: From Magazines

"Whaddya' mean a 'castle'? Strange kid, keeps talkin' like this entire town is in some huge castle!" Unknown in Traverse Town: "In this castle you must use the cards to move forward on your own." Jiminy: "Oh goodness! All my notes are gone! Every page is blank!" Unknown: "Use the card(s) to move forward. This will insure a reunion." 'Yeah, this is our island! That island we were on with Namine!' Riku: 'Ask your memories about the reason. If you remember why Namine disappeared from the island, you should know.' Dark Riku: 'Sora...if you go any farther, Namine will be hurt.' Mickey: "I was in the world of darkness, looking for a path and then suddenly this card appeared." Red Bandages: "That is also for you to decide. You just need to believe in the meaning of that choice." "Why are you here Vixen? Your responsibilites are underground" Unknown: "That's not all. Here, in this place, for everything you gain, you will lose something... and for everything you lose you will gain something." Sora with arms behind head: Namine got all scared. She started crying: 'The stars are falling onto the island, what'll we do?'. Goofy in Twilight Town: Say Sora, where are we? Don't remember this place.. Jiminy: This is odd! Up until now we've been sent to the places Sora's forgotten or lost his memories in. Sora in TwTn: Marucia?! What's he got to do with Namine- Sora:  don't know this place, but the farther I went, the more familiar is seemed. Vixen: So tell me, which is the truth to you, this "familiarity" or Namines memorys? Second astounded Sora in TwTn: Your, Riku...!? Has no value...?! (This image he's repeating things Vixen's already said) Sora: Hurry! They've captured Namine! I've got to go rescue her! Marucia: 'Let's have Namine lend a hand. Axel you go too. You know what to do, right?' Goofy: But..uh.. when it comes to Namine you get all rash. Don't ya' think its kinda' strange? Riku: But I know something bad is happening. I'm worried about everyone else so I'm going to go find them! Downhearted Sora: But who is it? I can't familiar. Tidus: What? You upset because we said the truth? Wakka: Oh, so dat's it. That's why you was actin' all strange. Selphie: You don't wanna be bugged when you see (probably 'him') right? "This is the power of darkness! Those with weak hearts fearful of the darkness shall not defeat me!"

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