Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Gold Match

Ice Titan

HP: 1500
STR: 46
DEF: 46
EXP: 5000

Defeated by Hercules some time ago, the Ice Titan was bestowed with new powers by Hades. Although his body is composed of massive, solid blocks of ice, his face seems strangely fragile…


Coliseum: Arena: Complete the Hades Cup. After this, Phil will offer you an additional tournament option (question marks, later the Gold Match). This is another battle Sora must win alone.

The Ice Titan’s only vulnerable spot is its head. However, you cannot strike it directly, and Fire magic proves relatively ineffective. You can inflict damage on your opponent by hitting back the shards of ice that he hurls at you. This will require precision timing. Following his ice shard attack, the Ice Titan will cause huge icicles to emerge from the ground. Keep moving to avoid the icicles.

Try and stay in the corner of the arena, in the stands. Minimise damage with Aero magic and heal Sora often. Your opponent attacks continuously and you cannot afford to wait until the last moment.

When you have inflicted sufficient damage, the Ice Titan will temporarily collapse. This is your chance to inflict greater damage. Immediately run down and attack your opponent’s head while jumping. Ragnarok will prove very effective at this time. When Ice Titan has lost a great amount of health, he will execute another type of attack, creating orbs of ice above Sora that rain down on him at lightening speed. Keep out of danger by moving around and rolling to safety.