Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Hades Cup

Hades Cup

Ranking: 49
Team: Shadow Brothers
Composed of: 3x Soldier, 7x Shadow

Ranking: 48
Team: Wild Dance
Composed of: 3x Wight Knight, 4x Powerwild

Ranking: 47
Team: Terrible Feet
Composed of: 1x Hammerlegs, 4x Pirate, 2x Shadow

Ranking: 46
Team: Dirty Claws
Composed of: 1x Powerwild, 8x Pot Spider

Ranking: 45
Team: Mad Truffle
Composed of: 1x Rare Truffle

Ranking: 44
Team: Yuffie
Composed of: 1x Yuffie

Ranking: 43
Team: Outlaws
Composed of: 3x Bandit, 4x Pirate

Ranking: 42
Team: Dark Garrison
Composed of: 1x Defender, 3x Wight Knight, 2x Soldier

Ranking: 41
Team: Bad Union
Composed of: 1x Bandit, 2x Powerwild, 1x Large Body, 1x Fat Bandit, 1x Soldier

Ranking: 40
Team: Behemoth *1
Composed of: 1x Behemoth

Ranking: 39
Team: Red Legion
Composed of: 1x Search Ghost, 8x Red Nocturne

Ranking: 38
Team: Blue Legion
Composed of: 7x Blue Rhapsody, 2x Gargoyle

Ranking: 37
Team: Sorcerous Amour
Composed of: 1x Guard Armor, 2x Blue Rhapsody, 2x Red Nocturne

Ranking: 36
Team: Mad Fungus
Composed of: 1x Black Fungus, 4x Green Requiem

Ranking: 35
Team: Spiders & Magic
Composed of: 3x Red Nocturne, 3x Yellow Opera, 2x Pot Spider

Ranking: 34
Team: Optical Trick *2
Composed of: 1x Stealth Sneak, 2x Blue Rhapsody, 4x Green Requiem

Ranking: 33
Team: Magic Force
Composed of: 1x Wizard, 2x Red Nocturne, 4x Yellow Opera, 2x Blue Rhapsody

Ranking: 32
Team: Shadow Summoners
Composed of: 3x Wizard, 6x Shadow

Ranking: 31
Team: Mystic Mages
Composed of: 1x Angel Star, 4x Wizard

Ranking: 30
Team: Cerberus
Composed of: 1x Cerberus

Ranking: 29
Team: Sky Raiders
Composed of: 4x Air Soldier, 3x Air Pirate

Ranking: 28
Team: Spookies
Composed of: 6x Search Ghost

Ranking: 27
Team: Terrible Fists
Composed of: 1x Gauntlets, 5x Gargoyle

Ranking: 26
Team: Shadow Storm
Composed of: 21x Shadow *9

Ranking: 25
Team: Avengers
Composed of: 1x Bandit, 1x Wight Knight, 1x Pirate, 1x Soldier, 1x Powerwild

Ranking: 24
Team: Dark Knights
Composed of: 1x Opposite Armor, 6x Darkball

Ranking: 23
Team: Black Flap
Composed of: 2x Gargoyle, 3x Air Soldier, 2x Air Pirate

Ranking: 22
Team: Night Soarers
Composed of: 3x Wyvern, 2x Search Ghost, 2x Wight Knight

Ranking: 21
Team: Air Corsairs
Composed of: 1x Battleship, 2x Wyvern, 4x Darkball

Ranking: 20
Team: Cloud & Leon *3
Composed of: 1x Cloud, 1x Leon

Ranking: 19
Team: The Large Trio
Composed of: 3x Large Body, 2x Wight Knight

Ranking: 18
Team: Blaze Bandits
Composed of: 3x Fat Bandits, 4x Red Nocturne

Ranking: 17
Team: False Angels
Composed of: 2x Angel Star, 2x Wyvern, 2x Large Body

Ranking: 16
Team: Dark Storm
Composed of: 21x Darkball *9

Ranking: 15
Team: Air Brigade
Composed of: 1x Wyvern, 1x Air Pirate, 1x Air Soldier, 1x Gargoyle, 1x Search Ghost

Ranking: 14
Team: Violent Bunch
Composed of: 2x Fat Bandit, 1x Invisible, 2x Wizard

Ranking: 13
Team: Heavy Warriors
Composed of: 2x Fat Bandit, 1x Defender, 2x Large Body

Ranking: 12
Team: Interceptors
Composed of: 3x Defender

Ranking: 11
Team: Elder Force *4
Composed of: 3x Invisible, 2x Angel Star

Ranking: 10
Team: Hades *5
Composed of: 1x Hades

Ranking: 9
Team: Night Rave
Composed of: 1x Invisible, 3x Darkball, 5x Shadow

Ranking: 8
Team: The Requiem
Composed of: 1x Angel Star, 2x Wizard, 2x Yellow Opera, 2x Blue Rhapsody, 2x Red Nocturne

Ranking: 7
Team: Invisible Fear
Composed of: 1x Stealth Sneak, 3x Invisible

Ranking: 6
Team: Mad Mushroom *6
Composed of: 3x White Mushroom

Ranking: 5
Team: Black Storm
Composed of: 15x Shadow *9, 11x Darkball *9

Ranking: 4
Team: Twin Mirage
Composed of: 2x Stealth Sneak

Ranking: 3
Team: Shadow Troopers
Composed of: 9x Wyvern *9, 8x Wizard *9, 2x Defender *9

Ranking: 2
Team: Final Battalion *7
Composed of: 9x Angel Star *9, 10x Invisible *9, 10x Darkball *9

Ranking: 1
Team: Rock Titan *8
Composed of: 1x Rock Titan

1*: There are no invisible barriers in this round. Use the stands to jump onto your opponent from behind or to Glide onto its back.

*2: Defeat the weaker opponents first before dealing with the Stealth Sneak. Aero magic offers excellent protection against this creature.

*3: Due to the extreme damage inflicted by these opponents, Second Chance, Dodge Roll, MP Rage, MP Haste, and Critical Plus are highly recommended.

*4: If you are playing against the clock, cast a Stop spell at the very beginning of the round. This denies your opponents the chance to protect themselves.

*5: Evade Hades’ attacks with Dodge Rolls, then strike back in turn. You can block his attacks with the Blizzard spell. Move with the flames of Hades’ powerful fire attack in order to avoid damage.

*6: If you are not playing against the clock, attack fast and often to fill your Charge bar. If time is of the essence, then cast a Thunder spell instead.

*7: Lengthy, but safe: cast a Stop spell whenever an opponent appears, then defeat your adversaries one by one.

*8: There are no invisible barriers here, either. The Titan has a huge amount of HP, but is very slow. Concentrate on attacking its head when it falls over.

*9: The opponents do not appear simultaneously.

Rock Titan

Hades once unleashed this giant, but Hercules and the gods defeated the Rock Titan. Now, Hades has bestowed it with new powers and provided it with a second head. This might explain why the giant has such a hard time making up his mind…