Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Hercules Cup

Hercules Cup

Ranking: 9
Team: Dusk Vanguard
Composed of: 5x Gargoyle, 3x Shadow

Ranking: 8
Team: Minions of Horror
Composed of: 4x Wight Knight, 1x Air Pirate, 2x Barrel Spider

Ranking: 7
Team: Buccaneers
Composed of: 1x Battleship, 4x Pirate

Ranking: 6
Team: Stray Phantom
Composed of: 4x Gargoyle, 3x Wight Knight

Ranking: 5
Team: Mad Truffle*2
Composed of: 1x Rare Truffle

Ranking: 4
Team: Cloud
Composed of: 1x Cloud

Ranking: 3
Team: Dark Squadron
Composed of: 1x Wight Knight, 2x Pirate, 2x Air Pirate, 2x Gargoyle

Ranking: 2
Team: Flying Pirates
Composed of: 2x Battleship, 2x Pirate, 1x Air Pirate

Ranking: 1
Team: Hercules*2
Composed of: 1x Hercules

*1: It is futile to repeatedly strike this opponent into the air. Simply attack it once and wait.

*2: Sora fights alone. Throw barrels at Hercules to destroy his armour.