Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Pegasus Cup

Pegasus Cup

Ranking: 9
Team: Ghost Bandits
Composed of: 2x Search Ghost, 1x Bandit, 3x Air Solider

Ranking: 8
Team: Marauders
Composed of: 2x Bandit, 3x Barrel Spider, 4x Shadow

Ranking: 7
Team: Sluggers
Composed of: 1x Fat Bandit, 2x Large Body, 1x Pot Spider, 1x Barrel Spider

Ranking: 6
Team: Pots & Bolts
Composed of: 5x Pot Spider, 3x Yellow Opera, 2x Green Requiem

Ranking: 5
Team: The Big Combo
Composed of: 2x Fat Bandit, 4x Search Ghost

Ranking: 4
Team: Toadstool
Composed of: 3x Black Fungus

Ranking: 3
Team: Pots & Barrels
Composed of: 5x Barrel Spider, 5x Pot Spider

Ranking: 2
Team: Giant Impact
Composed of: 3x Fat Bandit, 2x Large Body

Ranking: 1
Team: Leon & Yuffie*1
Composed of: 1x Leon, 1x Yuffie

*1: Defeat Yuffie first, as she can restore HP. Block her attacks and strike the blades back to stun Yuffie.