Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Phil Cup

Phil Cup

Match: 9
Team: Jungle Vice
Composed of: 4x Powerwild, 3x Soldier

Match: 8
Team: Monkey & Magic
Composed of: 1x Powerwild, 2x Green Requiem, 2x Red Nocturne, 5x Yellow Opera

Match: 7
Team: Big Feet
Composed of: 1x Hammerlegs, 4x Powerwild

Match: 6
Team: Magic Alert
Composed of: 5x Yellow Opera, 5x Red Nocturne

Match: 5
Team: Nightwalkers
Composed of: 1x Large Body, 5x Powerwild

Match: 4
Team: Hard Hitters
Composed of: 1x Gauntlets, 3x Blue Rhapsody, 4x Shadow

Match: 3
Team: Indomitable*1
Composed of: 2x Large Body, 6x Green Requiem

Match: 2
Team: Wild Corps
Composed of: 1x Gauntlets, 1x Hammerlegs, 4x Powerwilds

Match: 1
Team: Shadow Battalion*2
Composed of: 1x Armored Torso, 4x Yellow Opera, 4x Blue Rhapsody

*1: Defeat the Green Requiems first, as they will heal their colleagues. If you are playing against the clock, quickly eliminate the Large Bodies with Sonic Blade.

*2: First destroy the arms and legs of the Guard Armor. Attack it’s body last.