Kingdom Hearts Coliseum Guide Platinum Match


HP: 1800
STR: 46
DEF: 46
EXP: 18000

The legendary Sephiroth is the strongest sword fighter to have fought in the arena, and thus far remains undefeated. He was considered missing for a long time. Rumour has it that Sephiroth has a score to settle with Cloud. Sephiroth made his first appearance in the Final Fantasy VII video game.


Olympus Coliseum: Unlock the Hercules Cup and talk to Phil after having rescued Kairi. He now offers an additional tournament option (it is denoted by a row of question marks and is later referred to as the Platinum Match). Sora must fight this long and arduous battle alone. If you cannot equip all his abilities simultaneously, you should remove treasure-related abilities such as Jackpot to free up AP. Make sure to equip MP Rage and to provide Sora with plenty of recovery items, Elixirs in particular. Select button shortcuts for Aero and Cure magic. As Sephiroth has a large amount of HP, your first few blows will make no difference to his HP bar. It will take a number of hits to noticeably drain the gauge. In contrast, Sephiroth’s attacks are extremely powerful, so heal Sora often. In addition, your opponent’s blade has a very long range. Fortunately, you can leap over his sweeping blows and attack while in mid-air. You will get another opportunity to attack when Sephiroth has unleashed his fire storm. He briefly remains stationary, allowing you to approach from behind and strike him. After a successful combo, Sephiroth will teleport behind Sora, leaving you every little time to Dodge Roll out of harms way. After your opponent has teleported, you will have to target him again.

Sephiroth becomes even more dangerous after you have inflicted noticeable damage upon him. His Angel attack will reduce Sora’s HP to 1 and his MP to 0, making you unable to heal yourself with magic. Place yourself as far away as possible from Sephiroth when he prepares this attack. Open the Items menu and keep an Elixir ready. You can also cancel out this attack before it takes effect, however this is extremely dangerous, as Sephiroth’s next blow will knock our Sora if you pre-emptive moves fail.