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Take a look at Samantha’s KH Collection

A faithful reader sent me these very neat photos of a spot in her room that’s dedicated to…what else but Kingdom Hearts! Let’s take a look at Samantha’s collection of Kingdom Hearts merchandise.

KH3D Demo to be Released in Japan

A trial version of Kingdom Hearts 3D will be available for Japan on May 2, 2012. Onlinegamer has posted a release statement regarding information of said trial version. It will take place in Traverse Town, you’ll have control of Sora and your Dream Eater allies are Neko Cat, Wondernyan, and Kuma Panda. It will be available on the Japanese Nintendo E-Shop for free!

KH3D Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

Amazon has offered to give out a set of special AR cards as a Kingdom Hearts 3D pre-order bonus. Will you be pre-ordering from them?

KH3D English Screenshots & Dream Eater Names

Nine images of English Kingdom Hearts 3D have been added online as well as the English names of Dream Eaters, hit the jump to take a look at them!

KH3D Play Arts & Formation Arts Announced

Kuma’s Mad Dog Blog has announced that Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts as well as Formation Arts are currently in the planning stages!