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KH3D Pre-Order Bonus in Europe

Pre-order Kingdom Hearts 3D at a GAME store in Europe and you’ll receive a Halloween Town Sora keychain! Hit the jump to view the image!

New KH3D English Screenshots & More

Square Enix has sent out new Kingdom Hearts 3D screen shots featuring more from The Grid as well as Symphony of Sorcery! Included is a list of Kingdom Hearts alumni voice actors that are returning for the game as well!

Nintendo UK Updates KH3D Page

Nintendo UK has updated their Games their page with Kingdom Hearts 3D. The page has a description of the game, it’s features as well as new English images! They also include a translated version of “Iwata Asks”, an interview with Tesuya Nomura regarding the Kingdom Hearts series.

Kingdom Hearts Mug Added to JPN SE E-Shop

Square Enix’s official Japanese E-shop has updated their page with an addition of a new Kingdom Hearts product. A Kingdom Hearts mug! The mug is all white with a design of Sora and it is priced at 1600 yen or $20. It is expected to be released in Japan in late June. This is a […]

Behind the Voice: Benjamin Diskin as Young Xehanort

Voicing in the Kingdom Hearts series

Welcome to the first of the Behind the Voice series! For the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, we have a new voice to add to the cast, and it is here where we introduce to you Benjamin (Ben) Diskin, who plays the enigma that is Young Xehanort. Of course, we have an inkling of an idea who Young Xehanort is, but our heros are quite clueless. Click onwards to read about what other roles Benjamin has played to lead up to his casting with KH.