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Kayla Shows Off Her Collection

To declare your true devotion to Kingdom Hearts, I asked readers to submit photos of their prized KH collection. This week, Kayla shared with me her memories of the game and we were able to have a brief chat. Also, I reveal Kayla’s answer to my posed question: If you were stranded on an island, what one KH memorabilia would you take with you?

The Case of a Sleeping Heart

In the Kingdom Hearts main cast, perhaps the person who is the most transparent and easy-to-understand would be Sora–our hapless, happy-go-lucky hero with the heart of gold and a smile that hides no hidden intention. With Sora, what you see is what you get. His constant good nature is one of the reasons we’ve been faithful and accepting for Sora as our apt leading man.

Yet beneath that exterior, we also find Roxas and Ventus who reside within Sora, prompting this week’s guest blogger, Quatre Winner to pose the question of how one goes about separating Sora from the other two residing hearts? Is Sora’s persona bound to those of his counterparts? If so, where do we begin to see Sora as his own person, and not as a mirror to Ventus, who lies within him?

Show Off Your Collection

Look around your room. You may have become a bigger KH fan than you had ever anticipated. You may be a proud owner–and duster–of many Kingdom Hearts paraphernalia, whether they be authentic or unabashedly unendorsed. What all have you got?

Show off your Kingdom Hearts collection!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 30

The 30th episode of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and we finally have some news to discuss! Join Lauren, Darryl, Branden and myself as we discuss the news from the recent issue of Famitsu magazine that covers an interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura as well as the results of the Kingdom Hearts poll that Famitsu had done as well!

KH 3D – Famitsu Scans & Interview Translated

SQEX-GAL has published magazine scans of the most recent issue of Famitsu Weekly, featuring a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura revealing new details on Kingdom Hearts 3D. In addition, the interview has now been fully translated.