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Full Nintendo Dream Interview with Tetsuya Nomura

Heya, folks.

Heartstation has posted a full translation of the latest interview with series director Tetsuya Nomura on Nintendo Dream. The interview draws some light on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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KH BBS Final Mix Release Date Now Official!

On the official Kingdom Hearts twitter posted the official release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix! They’ve decided that the game will be released in Japan only on January 20th 2011, for 6090 yen (which is about $75) and with a CERO rating of ‘A’ for all ages.

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania – Rumor Roundup #1

Earlier this month, we asked members of the Kingdom Hearts community to send in their rumors, thoughts and theories that might help give us a clue into future Kingdom Hearts games.

If you’re a long-time visitor, you’ll remember ‘Rumor Roundup‘ – Now, we’re bringing it back!
In this first new edition of ‘Rumor Roundup’, Tony and Shay comment on some of the many interesting rumors, crazy theories and just plain odd submissions that we received.

Confessions of a Riku Fangirl (Are you Obsessed?)

Hannah reveals and confesses her love for the original ‘Kingdom Hearts-throb’ Riku. But, what is it you love about Riku? Or, are you obsessed with a different Kingdom Hearts character?

Every Monday, we publish a guest blog post from a member of the Kingdom Hearts & Video Gaming community, Hannah aka Tidy is a long-standing moderator on our KH Community Forums.

Nintendo Dream Interview With KH RE:C Directors!

The directors of Kingdom Hearts Recoded (Tetsuya Nomura, Jun Katou, and Hiroyuki Itoi) have all sat down and gave interview to Nintendo Dream magazine regarding the game!

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