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KH Union Podcast 38

The 38th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here with a huge ton of news that has happened in the past month. Join Branden as he hosts along with Lauren, Jackie, and myself as we talk about the new Kingdom Hearts 3D Special Trailer that was released on Valentines Day, KH3D getting covered in Jump, Famitsu, and Nintendo Power and even the “accidental” reveal of Europe’s release for KH3D. We then get into the burning question “What do you expect from Nomura in 2012” with some interesting answers! Finally we head into the questions segment in which we answer the questions: “Does Kingdom Hearts need more fans?”, “Which character would we pair up with?”, and “What’s the deal with Birth By Sleep 2?”. The episode ends with a remix from Birth By Sleep that you just have to listen to! Kingdom Hearts Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of KHU every four weeks.

Official KH3D Site Updated (New Wallpaper, The Grid & More)

The official Japanese site for Kingdom Hearts 3D has been updated! They updated the “Characters” section with new Spirit and Nightmare Dream Eaters, “World” section has been updated with The Grid, and the special section has been updated with a new wallpaper featuring the boxart image!

IGN: “Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But it Doesn’t Have To)”

A controversial IGN article sparks debate between hardcore fans, and non-fans alike.

Jen Shows Off Her Collection (SOYC Pt. II)

There were simply way too many photos from Jen’s collection to digest in one sitting. So here’s Part II of the continuation of Jen’s fantastic collection. Having lived in Japan for a year, Jen has amassed a collection of Japanese promo posters–all authentic! To hear her personal account of her collection and her time in […]

KH3D Release Date for Europe?

Square Enix France on their official online store had first accidentally revealed the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D in that region for July 27, 2012. After a short while, the release date was quickly changed to Summer 2012. Could this be the time frame of release for not just Europe but North America as well?