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Square Enix Launches Tokyo Game Show 2011 Site

As Tokyo Game Show 2011 draws near, Square Enix has opened up their official site today!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 32

The thirty-second episode of Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast is here and in this episode we have a special guest, hit the jump to find out who this guest is!

Square Enix Reveals Tokyo Game Show 2011 Details

Square Enix has revealed the details surrounding their showcase of Tokyo Game Show 2011! Hit the jump to find out all about it!

Tarif Shows Off His Collection

For our Monday blog, Tarif from Ontario, Canada, presents his huge Kingdom Hearts collection to us. He also tells us about his cosplay experience, his fan-history, his favorite Kingdom Hearts game–and more! Check it out.

Also, if you’d like to have your own collection featured, we’ve got the how-tos at the end of the interview.

Speak Up Monday

As a series, Kingdom Hearts has been spread across a wide array of game systems throughout its run. With that said, are there any game systems you would like to play a Kingdom Hearts on? Are there any particular system controls you would like to play the Kingdom Hearts series with? Have there been any games on other systems you would like to see a Kingdom Hearts title emulate? Sound off for Speak Up Monday!