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Square Enix Launches Official E3 2011 Site!

Square Enix has just opened up their official E3 2011 site! Unfortunately not much has been put up to it but if you check back when E3 kicks off, the site will be updated as the event goes on! As for right now, you can enjoy their twitter feed detailing various activities going on before the big event!

The Top Ten Most Awkward Keyblades

One of the best rewards of a Kingdom Hearts game after every world completion is gaining a new, more powerful keyblade. It’s the most important customization for Sora and the one that requires the least amount of thinking. A few menu presses and you can benefit hugely from a keyblade that gives you a longer reach, like the Jungle Key, or one that infuses great strength, like the Metal Chocobo. Then there are those conflicting moments when I would rather equip a less powerful weapon than subject Sora to handling something that is terribly ugly.

Kristopher Moore is a returning guest who offers us his rant on what went wrong with some of the keyblade designs. This week, it’s purely about looks.

The Villains Special Part II: The not-so-villainous Villains

In Part 2 of our Villains series, we look at more of Sora’s antagonists in Kingdom Hearts. Not all villains are made equal of course, and there are some rather unimposing ones to be found in the series–different strokes for different folks. Sakuchan looks at two more villains featured in the games, who may be less threatening than expected.

This is the second part of a series. Make sure to come back for more in the coming weeks!

Kingdom Hearts 3D at E3 2011!

Game Informer has put up a list of games that will make an appearance at the event and in that list is Kingdom Hearts 3D! Series director Testuya Nomura had already confirmed the title to make an appearance from last year’s event but it’s always nice to see more news! With only 19 days left before the big event, one could hope that more Kingdom Hearts titles could be revealed!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 28

The twenty-eighth installment of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast features for the first time in months some news! Join Lauren, Darryl, myself and a new voice on the show… Branden! As we discuss a fan made Keyblade iPhone app, discuss fan’s answers about playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Also we also dive into listener’s questions: Was the voice acting good? Which boss was the most difficult to face? Will Square Enix release the Kingdom Hearts series on the Playstation Network for it’s 10th anniversary?

It’s all here in this episode waiting for you to listen!