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The Music and Album Releases for Kingdom Hearts Games

Kingdom Hearts Music

I’m practically going dizzy from this month’s packed news stream of KH3D development, one of which being the announcement of the KH3D soundtrack, which will have not one, not two, but three discs in the set! That’s a lot of new songs! On that note, this week’s article is a contribution from Tuppence Magazine, who wrote to talk about all the music developments we’ve had since the original Kingdom Hearts; included are highly recommended links for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Official KH3D Site Updated! (Traverse Town, Reality Shift, Dream Eaters)

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese site for Kingdom Hearts 3D! In this update, they added a new Spirit and a new Nightmare dream eater, a new video in the System section featuring Reality Shifts and they finally added Traverse Town to the worlds section!

KH3D 10th Anniversary Box & KH3D 3DS Price Details Revealed

Square Enix has updated their official site revealing the details of the Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary box! Hit the jump to see what’s inside!

Ladbrokes Slots, The Latest Gaming Trend For Online Gamers

Ladbrokes roulette

If you are here that’s probably because you have a feeling for online games. Actually, there are so many types of games in the net, from classic games to arcade games, from 3D games to advanced technology games… everyone can surely find out their best game to play! Basic Information About Games For Money An […]

How To Handle Brand New Games Online: DOs&DON’Ts

So you could say you are fascinated by the idea of playing exciting and highly engaging games online, and you find games to be a fun way for people of all ages and social background to connect with one another. But what is your “protocol” when you are it comes to brand new games that […]