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KHU Roundtable #2 – Does Kingdom Hearts have Gender Issues? (Part 1)

In Kingdom Hearts Ultimania’s second roundtable discussion, established members of our Kingdom Hearts Forum and other Kingdom Hearts fan communities gather to talk about their thoughts on gender representations in Kingdom Hearts.

Is Disney part of the reason for the mostly weak female characters? Are the male characters also stereotyped? All that and more in Part I of our second roundtable discussion!

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast #24

With the recent Kingdom Hearts news drought, the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast crew still gathers together to answer some of the fans questions! Join Lauren, Darryl, Brian and myself (sadly Melissa couldn’t join us;-;) as we talk about our least favorite KH boss, how would a live action KH movie would look like, do we prefer a physical or magical set up, and what would we say to Tetsuya Nomura if we had the chance to!

Tetsuya Nomura Discusses KH BBS As DLC & NGP

In the latest Dengeki magazine issue, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura was asked about if the PSP game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep would be released as a DLC on the Playstation Network.

Hit the jump to read his response!


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Top 8 Ideas for Potential Kingdom Hearts Spinoffs

Kingdom Hearts has tried out a lot of new ideas over the years, especially in their spin-offs. Whether it’s the 3-person approach found in Birth by Sleep or the card battle system in Chain of Memories, there’s no denying that Kingdom Hearts has tried its hand at fleshing out the gameplay. For this week’s blog, resident fan Kris Moore looks at all the other possibilities open to Kingdom Hearts for the future–from different types of battle systems to whole new gaming genres!

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