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Famitsu Weekly KH3D 10th Anniversary Special

Famitsu Weekly has released their special Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary special magazine that takes a look at the entire series at glance, messages from the voice actors in Japan including famous fans. Series director Tetsuya Nomura also comments on the various fanart that the magazine has. The magazine also takes an in depth look at Kingdom Hearts 3D which was released yesterday.

KH3D Opening Images

Square Enix America has sent us high quality images of the opening movie of Kingdom Hearts 3D! Enjoy the screenshots inside!

KH3D Soundtrack Site Updated

Square Enix has updated the soundtrack site for Kingdom Hearts 3D. The site gives the full listing of the first disc with several songs available to listen including three that are featured in The World Ends With You. Also Ishimoto, one of the composers for the soundtrack tweeted that the soundtrack will be 16 hours long.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Release Images & More

Kingdom Hearts 3D has been officially released in Japan and fans from many different boards and fansites have taken to social media to upload their newly acquired game and other goodies including the KH3D 10th anniversary box and the special KH3D 3DS!

Happy 10th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts!

On this date 10 years ago, this great series known as Kingdom Hearts was released. Captivating fans young and old alike with it’s blend of Final Fantasy-ness but more importantly it’s Disney-ness. We raise our glasses today and toast to 10 years for the Kingdom Hearts series!