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Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 27

The news drought keeps on going but that isn’t going to stop the podcast crew from delivering the latest show for your listening pleasure. Join Lauren, Darryl, Melissa, and myself as we discuss some of the fan questions such as if future Kingdom Hearts games should continue the one character storyline or have it multiple, if Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was a skip worthy game, if Final Fantasy characters should be more accessible in parties and many more! Also listen in for the new “Burning Question” for next episode so that we can read your responses on the show!

Your favourited/hated XIII members: Poll results

The week before last, we opened up the voting floor for you, our readers, to tell us who you hate and who you love within Organization XIII. We received loads of insightful and oftentimes, humorous comments. Now we have the results here. Twelve members to choose from, six made the cut. Who did you feel worthy of being a fan favourite, and who deserves the hammer of hate?

Growing up in Kingdom Hearts

Sometimes it’s cherishing friendships, sometimes it’s being responsible for your actions, and other times, it’s attaining wisdom beyond your years. Maturity comes in many different forms, and this week, Arcane discusses the hardship, trials and tribulation of attaining maturity for characters in Kingdom Hearts.

Every Monday, we publish a Guest Blog post on the Kingdom Hearts series, written by a member of our community. Get in touch with us if you want to be involved.

KH Birth By Sleep Novel Vol. 3 Announced

Square Enix has announced the third volume to the Kingdom Heart Birth By Sleep novel series. The title of this volume is called “To The Future” and will be released on May 26th in Japan. We’ll keep you posted for when any other updates are available!

Poll: Organization XIII – Pick Your Favourite & Hated

Organization XIII are irrefutably the best villains of Nomura’s creation for Kingdom Hearts. These enemies spanned no less than 3 games and they’re so intriguing that their counterparts of their past lives lived on in KH: Birth by Sleep. We’d like to know who exactly is your favorite member of the team is, and who is your pet hate.

Whether your choice is due to the thrill of a challenge, the frustration of 10 straight losses or the personality quirks, you might take the moment to agree that there’s never been a cliché that rings so true: It’s a fine line between love and hate.