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KH for PC is now announced as Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]

Square Enix has now formally given an official title to the Kingdom Hearts for PC game that was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2012. The official name is now KINGDOM HEARTSχ[chi]! An update from the Kingdom Hearts blog “Message From The Kingdom” has provided the official announcement and we will add the description when it’s fully translated.

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Wallpaper (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Shiro Amano is back with another Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary wallpaper. This time the artwork features Sora and Riku receiving heart chocolates from Kairi for Valentine’s Day. The calendar goes from February 12th to March 11, 2013.

KH HD 1.5 Remix Deal with 7-11 in Japan

If you pre-order Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix at 7-11 stores in Japan between January 21 to March 11 and you’ll receive the game at a discounted price 6,280 yen (about $67.64) and receive a special custom Playstation 3 theme and serial codes to Kingdom Hearts for PC game. There’s a limit of two copies per person so if you’re Japan, get a hold of this deal!

Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Shown at NY Toy Fair 2013

At the annual New York Toy Fair, Square Enix has laid out their merchandise for all to see and that even includes the now fully finished designs of Sora and Riku in both their normal Kingdom Hearts 3D clothing and their Tron Legacy. Check out the photos below uploaded by Hidemi Matsuzuka from his official […]

Official KH HD 1.5 Remix Site Updates with KH 358/2 Days Info & Images

The official Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix site has been updated with information regarding Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The update tells the story from the game, a look at it’s characters, screenshots as well as a look at it’s new features including comparisons from the DS game to it’s remaster.