Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix North American Limited Edition Revealed

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

Square Enix North America has added a page for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix to their online store as well as revealing the bonus that the Limited Edition will carry.

Square Enix had uploaded the image of the pin:


Fans who pre-order the game will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition that will feature an exclusive Disney collectible pin with Sora and Mickey! They also unveiled the box art for the North American version as well which remains unchanged. You can view it below:

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be released in North American on December 2, 2014, Japan on October 2, 2014, and Europe on December 5, 2014.

Source: Square Enix Official North American Online Store

18 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix North American Limited Edition Revealed”

  1. Christian Colby Porter Says:

    Sing with me!

    You’re giving me!
    Too many things!

  2. Christian Colby Porter Says:

    Sing with me!

    You’re giving me!
    Too many things!

  3. Rochelle Gonzales Says:

    This is totally unfair. This better be a joke or at least have a Collector’s Edition. When they asked what they should put as a special addition like how the art was for 1.5, I asked for Sora’s necklace. Not a pin.

  4. Zexion Neoshadow Says:

    I’m to excited for the game than I am for the pin buti still wouldn’t mind the pin

  5. HozukiHangetsu Says:

    You know, you can buy Sora’s necklace along with Roxas’ emblem on a necklace as a bundle for, like, 3 bucks on amazon, right?

    I think it even came with free shipping when I got them.

  6. Rochelle Gonzales Says:

    Well I mean I see them but it would just be nice if it was an official necklace. It was just a suggestion. I don’t mean to be rude about this at all. I just felt like maybe they could do a little better with this ReMIX release. I don’t mind the pin, but I’d prefer something a little bigger like what Japan is getting. Hopefully a Collector’s Edition comes out though.

  7. Raymander Says:

    Pardon my language, but this is bullshit! The freaking Japanese get a COLLECTOR’S PACK with 1.5 AND 2.5 + An bigger artbook (at least seems like it) and a disc with OST, while the rest of the world who does not understand kanjis will have to content themselves with just a f*cking PIN!? And btw they are being the biggest hypocrites about that, ’cause in their own words in past interviews, the number.5 Remixes are SUPOSED to be a chance for Japan and the rest of the world enjoy the Final Mix versions EQUALLY, and suddenly they announce an awesome Collector’s Pack, but unfortunately is JAPAN-EXCLUSIVE. F*ck this shit ¬¬
    Square Enix may make some awesome games, but they sure don’t know how to please their fans.

  8. Maxtime Says:

    Yeah really worth the limited edition… I prefer the JP Limited edition, it is more worth the extra price that you will give it, thank you Square Enix

  9. N0NAME Says:

    calm down man… you seem like an 11 year old child that won’t get its wish for christmas..

  10. Xysboy Says:

    I think that his anger is completely justified. Square always does this bullshit. In Japan they get custom psps while we got stickers. In japan they got all the final mix games while we got nothing. Now we get a shitty keychain while they get an action figure artbook and blueray all in a really nice box. It is insulting. I refuse to buy this game. I am tired of Square insulting the NA fans.

  11. pewdiepie Says:

    Considering they make the shit,they should get it. Learn Japanese and buy it yourself. Not that hard. Quit bitching and learn something new.

  12. HozukiHangetsu Says:

    No worries! No worries!

    I myself would be partial to something like an actual size Wayfinder or that Paopu Fruit charm.

  13. Rafael Fernández Pérez Says:

    ¬¬ if the extra is only that “pin”.. i prefer getting the normal edition.. –__–

  14. matthews Says:

    To be honest the series is half Square a Japan based company but also half Disney an American based company. So it stands that both the NA and Japan regions should receive the collectors editions. It is a bit of a slap to the face considering this franchise would not exist without the american company of Disney.

  15. doctorpope181 Says:

    Now I was expecting another artbook case for 2.5 (plus maybe more) but this is just disappointing. My tall 1.5 artbook thing will look silly standing next to this thing.

    Btw, after revealing ALL SIX of the extravagant bundles for Japan … it’s really insulting that the best they can give us is a single fxcking pin.

    So much effort went into that idea 👌

  16. doctorpope181 Says:

    P.S. KHU staff, both my Disqus account and email have been permabanned for at least 2 years now because I ONCE (a single time) made a comment about how you informally referred to Kingdom Hearts III without the usage of the Roman numeral (Kindom Hearts 3).

    I guess you took offence to my personal annoyance and banned me for life yo!! Kudos to you. Zero tolerance huh?

    I love me some KH and this website and have visited daily for about 6-7 years now. Keep doing God’s work.

  17. guest Says:

    “Square Enix may make some awesome games, but they sure don’t know how to please the fans.” Amen to that. If pleasing the fans was a priority for them, we’d have gotten a FFVII remake by now, instead of all of the Lightning junk that few people want. I’m not trying to sound selfish or demanding, but Square Enix needs to learn where their money making is. I know I’m not the only one thinking this.
    At the same time, I am thankful I can FINALLY play the Cavern of Remembrance over Christmas vacation in December.

  18. synchro Says:

    No, that’s not how this works. There IS a collaboration between Disney and Square-Enix, but to say it’s half Disney is a gross exaggeration. At the end of the day, Disney signs off on what what its characters do and say but Square-Enix, a Japanese company with its interest being primarily pleasing JAPANESE fans, is calling its shots. As much as I might want all the cool things Japan gets, you have to realize that we aren’t the primary target audience.

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