Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Debut Trailer

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX

The official Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix trailer has now been uploaded by Playstation on youtube! Check it out below:

14 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Debut Trailer”

  1. yoshixlolo Says:

    shut up and take my Money *_____________*

  2. Emir Syahiran Says:

    yeah.. rape my wallet please

  3. Jesse Says:

    My body is ready xD LOL

  4. Jesse Says:

    Kh3 may come out on 2015 or 2016 cuz they need to sell more of ff15 cuz how could they make competitions themselves

  5. Angela Jillia Galvez Says:

    dreams do come true :)

  6. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    Saw it coming a mile before KH 1 HD remix was out. Already knew what was going to be on it. Glad it’s finally being developed.

  7. ai Says:

    omg ANOTHER game dangit just get to kh3 already xD

  8. Brandon Says:

    It’s not just “ANOTHER game,” its the remaster of the OTHER best Kingdom Hearts game ever made, with the other two. And you’re not going to see KH3 until AFTER Final Fantasy 15 is finished.

  9. guest Says:

    Cavern of Remembrance, HERE I COME!!! Been waiting to play KH2 Final Mix since 2007.
    When KH3 is closer (I know it will be years), I am going to buy this, 1.5, and DDD. Seriously can’t wait for 2.5

  10. j kassil Says:

    Now i can finally play kh2 remix in english, hopefully that will make the mushroom XIII requirements easier!

  11. Platitude Says:

    I’m not a fan of buying games I’ve already purchased before, but the idea of being able to play Birth by Sleep on the big-screen is tempting!

    Its kinda weird that they are releasing it after the PS4 comes out on PS3, given the lack of backwards compatibility.

  12. @nn@mmm Says:

    *starts saving more games money*
    Can’t wait

  13. lindzeldia Says:

    Damn it I’m gonna be so broke next year…..but it’s worth it

  14. KeybladeAssassin Says:

    Fighting Terra & No Heart is going to be a bitch in Critical Mode lol.

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