Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Sold Early, Images of Game/Trophy List

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix will be released in Japan in two days on the 14th, but one lucky person managed to buy the game early and uploaded several images featuring the game case and disc as well as images from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and an early look at the trophy list.

Thanks to FF-Reunion for the find on these images!

The lovely goldpanner has translated some of the trophy list provided by the images:

(Bronze) Game Cleared: Beginner
(Silver) Unchanging Gamer – cleared the game and saw the ending without changing the settings(*) once
(Silver) Undefeated
(‘Hidden Trophy’ x 7)

(*Translator note: I guessed but can’t really read this word)

(Bronze) The Adventure Begins
(Bronze) Alice in Wonderland
(Bronze) Go The Distance
(Bronze) You’ll Be In My Heart
(Bronze) Whole New World – locked the Keyhole in Agrabah
(Bronze) When You Wish Upon A Star
(Bronze) Part Of Your World
(Bronze) This Is Halloween
(Bronze) You Can Fly
(Hidden Trophy)

(Bronze) Amateur Synthesist
(Bronze) Rookie Synthesist
(Bronze) Advanced Synthesist
(Bronze) Gummi Ship Collector
(Hidden Trophy)
(Bronze) Customiser
(Bronze) Top Ace
(Bronze) Test Pilot
(Bronze) Top Pilot
(Bronze) Ace Pilot – cleared Gummi Ship Mission 3
(Hidden Trophy)
(Bronze) Blade Master
(Bronze) Magic Master
(Bronze) Guard Master

(Hidden Trophy x 3)
(Bronze) – (*???) – watched all of chapters 1-37
(Bronze) (**)Heart Gazing Days
(Bronze) Where the Heart Reaches

(*Translator note: Honestly cannot read this at all, but it would be the trophy for watching all Days cutscenes)
(**Translator note: This probably isn’t accurate but it’s the best I can do without context)

Source: FF-Reunion, 2ch, goldpanner